10 Camping Gadgets That Will Change Your Outdoor Life

Camping Tent Outdoors

As the community of outdoor enthusiasts has been snowballing in the recent years, the number of avant-garde camping gadgets has been stacking up as well. Every gadget surpassing its predecessor by a notch (or two) higher. And although it’s so easy to get ahold of every useful piece, it’s just too hard to choose which ones we want to take with us to experience a little luxury during our camping trip. We all know our backpacks probably can’t take the punch of bringing each and every functional camping gadget…or can they?

It’s always a good idea to think long and hard about what you only need when embarking on a camping journey. I’ve summed up the top 10 camping gadgets that will change your outdoor trips and will make you never want to breathe city air again because the outdoor life is just way better!

1. Portable Camp Stove with USB

If you’re up for reducing your carbon footprint especially when spending time in nature, this is the gadget for you! It’s a handy and eco-friendly stove that boils water in approximately 3 to 5 minutes. Perfect for when you’re craving for that hot tea in the cold jungle breeze!

Portable Camp Stove with USB

2. Solar Camp Shower

I’ve always believed that any place will never be short on hot, comfortable showers! This small thing is a beast that can hold up to 5 gallons of water, perfect for a shower or two. Just hang it in the sun and you can enjoy a full-on hot shower!

 3. Water Bottle with Filter

These bottles are definitely a life-saver in the outback. You will never go thirsty with these! With a 2 to the 3-stage filtration system, you can be sure you get fresh water anytime, anywhere. And, oh, except for seawater.

 Water Bottle with Filter

4. Best Survival Knives

C’mon, who doesn’t bring knives when camping? I’m not just talking about any kind of knife but it’s crucial to bring the best survival knives in the outdoors. These knives will aid you in any way, start a fire, build a makeshift shelter, hunt for food, prepare your meals, clear bushes on the trails, or when your arm is stuck between big boulders and needs a knife to cut it to survive? You know, that sort of thing. But no China knife blades, please. James Franco wasn’t so happy about that either.

Best Survival Knives

5. Solar Panels

You probably don’t want to miss out on what’s happening in the outside world, or maybe the outside world wants to know what they’re missing? You can keep them in the loop on how much you’re having a ball in the outdoors. Your mobile phones and gadgets will never go empty again! The top 2 benefits these panels have are that they’re lightweight (the small ones weigh 8 oz. to 3 lbs.), and are tough enough to last in the outdoors. Smaller panels can carry 6 watts per hour per panel. A few of the gadgets and their charging watt/hour equivalent are smartphones at 5 w/h, tablets at 10 to 12 w/h, laptops at 60 w/h, and cameras at 6 to 12 w/h.

Camping Solar Panels

6. Solar Lantern

When you want a bit of luminescence, apart from the moonlight, on your camping trip; this is the way to go! This is the coolest solar-powered gadget, next to solar panels, and gives you a better outdoor experience especially in destinations which are remotely far from civilization. You’d better wish you get a lot of suns though because most of these lanterns would need 7 hours of sun exposure, and if they do, you can enjoy up to 12 hours of consistent light.

Red Solar Lantern

7. Pop-up Toilet

For some of you who might be used to digging a makeshift toilet for their “urgencies”, you may find a bit of comfort in this when it’s time to, you know, release. A contoured seat will make you forget that you’re unloading some timber in the jungle because it gives you that “homey” comfort.

8. Heated Sleeping Bag

I live in a tropical country but I also like being in the outdoors. And one thing I get jittery about (literally and metaphorically) is the cold temperature in the wilderness that I have to deal with every single night. This is a God-send from the outdoor heavens! A small sleeping bag sufficient for a small woman like me would last 3 to 15 hours of heat, perfect for those extra chilly nights in the open jungle.

Heated Sleeping Bag

9. Camping Cot

One disadvantage in camping that every inexperienced outdoorsman or outdoorswoman tends to overlook is sleeplessness in the jungle. To make sure you have an extra comfortable outdoor experience which doesn’t deprive you of a much-needed sleep, try to bring a foldable camping cot that can fit into a drawstring pouch! Don’t worry if you’re a little over on the plumpish side because these cots can take a beating of up to 600 pounds!

10. Cabin Tents

What better way to enjoy your camping trip than a house party, errr, tent party. Cabin tents are perfectly tailored if you’re camping with your family or with a bunch of friends. These tents are extremely durable, portable, and multi-purpose too! But you haven’t heard the best part yet, we know how setting up tents can be a bit challenging sometimes but cabin tents are really easy to set up. Some of them only even take a minute! Easy as pie!

Cabin Tent