6 Fun and Easy Woodworking Projects for Your Family

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Creating something with your own hands is fun and exciting. It’s great when the entire family can get involved. It gives children a huge confidence boost when they are able to help work on a project from start to finish. Wood is a wonderful material for creating items that you can use around the home. All that you need to get started is wood, a saw, you can find a durable, easy to use one here, https://perfectcutsandmiters.com/, craft paint, and paint brushes.

Candy Corn Porch Decoration

If you can draw a triangle, you can make a cute set of candy corn fall decorations. Just round off the points of the triangle. Make a small one, one a bit bigger, and finally the largest. Paint three stripes on them, one in orange, one in white, and one in yellow. These look adorable out on the front porch. Protect them with a final coat of sealer. For an even more adorable look, give your candy corn decorations a sweet little face. If you don’t have a porch, they would be perfect on a table in the house, or in a window.

Pile Of Candy Corn
Crayon Caddy

Keep crayons neat, and readily available with an easy to make crayon caddy. All that you need is a rectangular block of wood, a drill and a drill bit that is the diameter of a crayon. Drill holes along the top of the block of wood, make enough so that there is one hole for each crayon. Paint the block when you’re done, or leave it natural. The younger family members may enjoy choosing colors to paint the block. They may even decide to keep their crayons intact, since they had a hand in creating this holder.

Crayon Caddy
Bird House

Often, the first woodworking project that a child tackles, is building a birdhouse. While it may look complex, it’s actually just some square pieces that are glued together to form the sides of the house, and then a couple of more to make the roof. Use a drill to make the opening on the front square so that the birds can get in and out. Add a small dowel to the front for the birds to sit on. The house can be left in its natural state, as long as you paint a sealer on, or you can get fancy and make a colorful, fun house for the birds to enjoy.
Bird House In Snow


Wooden Bench for Kids and Family

Outdoor furnishings and play things like swings provide hours of fun and imaginative play. Create an outdoor wooden bench for the kids and you will not have to tell them to please sit down. They will make that bench their own.

Buy both a 10-foot and an 8-foot wooden board (2 inches across) that is termite and weather resistant. Use a saw, a countersink drill bit, a square, 2 deck screws and wood adhesive. Cut the legs from the 10 ft. wood piece.

Cut the seat and backrest from the 8 ft. wood board. Cut out the angles of the 10-ft. board to create four wooden legs of equal length. In a couple of hours, you will construct a sturdy wooden bench. Let the kids put colorful, fun pillows and seat cushions on it. They can also paint it in washable colors that look adorable.

Wooden Bench In Garden
A-Frame Tent

Kids like nothing better than camping outdoors under the stars or right in the privacy of a room in your home. Building an A-frame tent makes for a fun project that takes about an hour. Mom, dad and the kids will love this easy to make entertainment project.

Collect 4 white or dark boards (1″x2″x48″), 3 wooden dowels (3/4″ x 48″), and a spade bit drill. Ask the kids to get a pencil and a tape measure. Measure 6” down from the top of each board and have your child place a pencil mark at that point. Use your drill and make a hole at the pencil mark.

From the bottom of each board, measure off an inch and a half with a pencil and drill a hole at that point. The holes will represent the top and bottom of your A-frame tent. Take 2 boards for each side and align the holes up so that the kids can push a dowel through them.

You don’t have to, but you can glue the dowels in place if your A-frame tent will not be taken down. If your A-frame tent is to be mobile, do not use glue. The next step is to fit a blanket or a cloth covering to put over the A-frame from one side of the tent to the other. Voila, let the kid’s imagination take over for hours of creativity.

Red A-Frame Tent
Wooden Name Plaque

There is one thing that is a common trait among younger kids or tweens – that is they all believe that they are individuals and not like anyone else. They like uniqueness, their own take on clothing and accessories. Making a DIY nameplate with their name on it that they can decorate or a plaque with favorite slogans like ‘keep out.’

Creating wooden door or wall plaques is a fun family project. You can buy wooden plaques from arts and craft stores in any size your child wants. The plaques can be painted by each child.

Stick their name or slogan in craft lettering onto the plaque surrounded by any other decorations the child may like. Mom or dad can drill two small holes at the top to thread a colorful string or ribbon through to hang up.

Wooden Name Plaque

These are all easy projects that can be done in an afternoon. The children will enjoy taking a piece of wood, and turning it into something useful. This could be the beginning of an amazing hobby for the entire family. There are so many wonderful things that can be made with wood. You’re only limited by your imagination. Have fun, and unleash your creativity, as you come up with your own ideas.