6 Things to Consider Before Buying a Fridge

Refrigerator In Kitchen

Buying a new fridge is an expensive household investment and the purchase of one is something that has to see you through many years, so it’s very important to get it right. It may seem an easy task but a wrong decision could be costly. There are various factors to contemplate prior to buying the appliance especially if it is the first time you have bought one.

Below are the 5 things to consider before buying a fridge:

1. Orientation

According to this Home morphing article, the best refrigerator comes with a variety of design features and customers should consider their needs carefully.  There aredifferent configurations of fridgeavailable; a side-by-side, the French door model, bottom and top freezers type.

Base your decision on your physical ability, the space you have to fit the unit, and also what primarily you will be using the fridge for, serious consideration here will enable you to choose the best oriented type for your needs.

For example, if the buyer has difficulties in bending when accessing the device, he/she shouldn’t settle for the bottom fridge model if they are going to be accessing the refrigerated section more frequently than the freezer, which is the most common user demographic.

However, a model with a reverse layout would have a larger section at the bottom. Thus, if the user requires substantial room for refrigerated goods, he/she should consider the bottom-fridge type with the freezer above.

Kitchen With Refrigerator

2. Space

The shopper should seriously consider the space availability in his/her kitchen before purchasing a fridge. He/she must also think about space limiting factors like nearby doorways or probably other objects that may cause access issues when opening the appliance.

For instance, if the user has a limited kitchen space but wants an optimum storage capacity, he should opt for a side-by-side type. The model has relatively narrow doors that won’t swing out and cover a large space.  The drawback for a side-by side refrigerator is that mostly it doesn’t have such distinct compartments.

You can select to put one in the suitable area of your kitchen to hold fresh fruits and vegetables or near the stove to hold chicken and beef right before it’s cooked. In the bedroom or even the garage, you can use one to store food and drink.

3. Capacity

A major factor in any refrigerator purchase to be considered is the refrigerator’s capacity. Some available models have massive storage space while others have a small one.  It is always worth researching this in the specification of the model you are considering, strangely it does not always follow that a refrigerator with a larger external size automatically means an increased capacity.

Really do your research in this aspect.   If the buyer has a lot of food or a big family then the advice would be thatthey should settle for French or the top type model to maximize storage space.

4.  Energy efficiency

Any fridge consumes power and uses that energy to expel heat (through cooling) out of the device. The efficiency of the appliance is measured by calculating the energy used per annum for anyparticular size. This is expressed it in volume frozen per unit electric energy a day to allow for easy comparison.

The overall refrigerator efficiency has improved hugely in recent years hence, any older fridge will consume more energy than the equivalent current model. The buyer should always consider the current energy saving types as this will make running costs lower, often considerably so. He or she should look at the EPA energy star that notes the power and efficiency ratings.

Kitchen With Lights On

5. Color and Finish

The look of the fridge will matter to most consumers almost above that of its main purpose of storage. The appliance’s color has a great impact as far as it concerns kitchen decoration as it is usually such a large piece of kitchen furniture.

The old fashioned ‘white or white’ choice has now expanded considerably, and many units are available in a wide variety of colorways to suit most décor choices.  The fundamental white/stainless steel/black are still the most readily available, especially on a budget.

When making your choice of finish it is worth giving some thought to the cleaning of the unit – whilst in the showroom a unit may look glorious in a gloss finish, it may not look quite so attractive when covered in small child’s fingerprints.  Like all considerations give thought to your current life situation, and make an appropriate choice.

6. Key features

The buyer should note important features to him/her in the refrigerator. Sometimes he/she might settle for a model that lacks the necessary characteristics and end up inconvenienced if they are not careful, and do not give sufficient consideration to their own non-negotiables.

There are a considerable range of ‘add-on’ features – do you need an alarm?  Would you like to have ice readily available?  A chilled water dispenser?  Only you can answer these questions, but paying additional money for something that is not important to you could well lead to regrets later on.


Before buying a refrigerator, the customer should consider all of the requirements they have, including; the space available for the unit to be installed, the orientation of the doors (some are changeable left/right, some are fixed), the running efficiency, which color would suit their kitchen, the finish and the paramount features the appliance must have.  It is really worth investing some time in considering the things you need to think about before buying a fridge to save an expensive mistake.