7 Clever Business Ideas With Minimal Or No Investment Needed

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The New Year Eve is around the corner and you must be making plans about your yearly goals and targets.

One of them, I bet, would be of starting a business as it is the most convenient method of earning now. Why? You are your own boss! Once you learn how to succeed at it, you are free from the bounds of 9 to 5 job timings, terms and conditions, and the tons of work pressure.

Businesses involve a lot of risk, but now this has become a myth as hundreds and thousands of business ideas are open for you to start with without even investing a penny on them. If you have low budget, you can still think of starting a business as a side-job at first.

To help you out, here are 7 mind blowing business ideas that cost minimal to zero investment:

1. Delivery Service Providers:

If you can find a team of workers or are able to employ a few people who can efficiently work for your delivery service, you are all set to go. Even the worker’s first payment will be earned by their own efforts. You can keep a little bit of profit. For transport, your employers will get the payment according to the miles they have to travel to deliver. Simply, get associated with a grocery store, a fast food shop that doesn’t have its own delivery service and start earning.

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2. Informative Programs or Info Products:

Build a website that shares “how to” info with the readers. A website cost a small amount of fee per month. If you have exceptional writing skills, jump off from freelance writing to your own info site. You can associate it with Amazon and other online sellers by promoting and reviewing their products and earning a profit for each sale. Select a niche that is least explored and about which people want to learn. Quality work leads to a higher quantity of traffic to your web portal.

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3. Vlogging:

For those who cannot blog, they can vlog—the video logs. It only costs a few dollars to start a YouTube channel. Create quality content and informative vlogs that attracts the audience. Have a perfect combo of humor and serious talk to gain audience attention. Vloggers can share their lives: review foods at various places they visit, make travel vlogs of different countries, help people shop the best from markets by sharing their shopping experiences, and so much more.

You can review products that you usually use and that can be a huge help to your followers. It’s another way of affiliate marketing too.

It’s a great vocation for international students who are studying abroad. They can review everything they come across to make their audience back home learn about the cultures, traditions, quality, etc. If the investment is an issue, they can get loans without a co-signer. How? Check out the link.

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4. Business Plan Provider:

For the successful business owners, it is a great occupation. Everyone out there wants to know your plan, ideas, tips, and tricks. Start taking online courses or a business plan making service to help people climb the ladder. You can share the knowledge at your personal institute with budding businessmen including market research, financial statements, and business plan narrative.

Making A Business Plan

5. Web Developer/Manager:

In this global village, info is shared via the internet. Therefore, the network of websites is growing at a fast pace. There are businesses who do not know how to boost SEO, generate traffic to their site, manage the site, update the content on a daily basis, etc. But, for that, you need to have some experience. Make a website on WordPress and make it a huge success. Learn and earn each passing day. Once, you have learned the tricks, you can add it to your portfolio and start earning a website developer or a manager.

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6. Graphic Designing:

As the information is digital and people don’t have much time to sit back and read every informative article or review, so they take interest in short videos, graphically portrayed information, etc. The market for graphic designers is vast. If you are creative yet don’t know how to design an advertisement, a newsletter, a flyer, a logo, a magazine, or an information sheet; you don’t have to worry. There are a lot of online courses to teach you the skills. Learn it to earn it then!

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7. Homemade Healthy Gourmet Food Supplier:

If you are a chef at heart, this is the best business idea for you. Women, especially, have a lot of commitments at home and at the workplace, but they can earn from their cooking skills. You can not only share your recipes with the world via YouTube or a website, but you can also become a healthy food provider. Choose the food items you enjoy baking or cooking to make a heartfelt mark on your buyers. People are earning millions of dollars by providing gourmet food. The only investment is a kitchen and the ingredients which you already have in your kitchen.

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Final Verdict:

These 7 business ideas cover the interest of various field owners so that everyone can find a perfect-fit. Moreover, these businesses are among the top-ranking businesses that people choose as a side business but end up as a full-time job. They are million-dollar ideas that need your passion and patience more than your money for success.


About the Author:

Taylor Hill works for a financial technology company Stilt located in San Francisco which is revolutionizing the way individuals with limited or zero credit history get loans in the U.S.