7 health benefits of medical cannabis

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Introduction to Medical Cannabis

In the 2000s, there was a new wave in medicine. Every country tried to get the max out of medical cannabis or medical marijuana. Because of its advantages, many medical institutes invested millions of dollars in research and development of medicine using medical cannabis. There were many types of research, which showed different benefits of medical cannabis. The majority of countries banned the medical marijuana or cannabis growing. Medical institutes and professional researchers tried to legalize the medical cannabis. However, because of some limitations and illegal consumption, governments turned the blind eye to the demand. In this article, you will learn about top seven health benefits of medical cannabis.

  1. Medical cannabis for cancer

First, many people believed that the medical cannabis will lead to cancer. That is the reason, many people avoided marijuana. After different studies and research, we know that the medical cannabis helps in curing cancer. The main problem with the cancer is its rapid rate of spreading. To treat cancer, it is important to prevent it from spreading. The Cannabidiol reduces a gene called Id-1. Cancer spreads by making a copy of Id-1. The cannabis triggers the cancer cell death through a process called Apoptosis. This result in no division of the cancer cells. It also stops the new blood vessel from turning into a tumor.

  1. Excellent medicine for anxiety and stress.

Many junkies and smokers use the medical cannabis to reduce the level of stress. However, they need a continuous supply of the medical cannabis, as they are addicted to the drug. Marijuana is an excellent medicine to cure your longtime stress and the anxiety. As it helps to fight the side effects of Chemotherapy, it also helps to reduce the level of mental stress. The cannabis helps to treat nausea and pain. The low dose of marijuana will help to calm the nerves by blocking the nerves in the brain, which receives the pain and other stress signals. The receptors are present in Hippocampus of the brain. It is helpful for patients with PTSD or post-traumatic stress disorder.

  1. You will have a healthy heart

The heart is responsible for the overall health of a person. If your heart is not functioning well then you are the best candidate for numerous diseases. Cannabis or Marijuana will help you in this regard. Generally, cannabis extract like oil is used for the treatment. As the extract includes antioxidant property, it will help the heart to function properly. Even some studies showed that the cannabis is helpful to clear the blockage. However, the research needs more backing and scientific study. Cannabis assists the contraction and relaxation level of blood vessels. This results in the proper flow of the blood. This lead to perfect blood pressure level with less nerve compression.

  1. It helps to enhance your performance

Medical marijuana is widely used in government laboratories. However, few people grow them illegally. It is because of its performance enhancing properties. Medical cannabis has properties and chemicals, which assist a person to have a high level of focus. It enhances the working of the brain. That is the reason; it is used in treating people with attention deficit disorder. It helps the patient to have a good mood and energy level. Many studies have backed the explanation through scientific research. It also increases the creativity of the person. Because of this, many sports tournaments examines the athletes to test the drug level in their body.

  1. Reduces the weight by increasing the metabolism

Research, studies, and reports clearly show that the medical cannabis will increase your metabolism. With a high level of metabolism, you will burn more calories. This results in weight loss. However, this does not mean that you smoke the cannabis to lose weight. It is for some special cases. The marijuana also regulates the insulin level in the blood. Because of that, fat secretion is not rapid. The study conducted on people showed that the people who smoke medical marijuana have a high metabolism rate, low sugar level, and low body fat. Because of these properties, many health and nutrition companies are trying, to legalize the medical cannabis to use it in slimming products and health supplements.

  1. Pain relief

After considering it as a remedy for the anxiety, PTSD, depression, and stress, medical institutions extracted the same properties of the medical cannabis to treat different kinds of pain. Now, it is used in many treatments and pain relief procedures. It does not require a lot of time to show its effect. It is one of the smoothest and effective methods to treat pain. Especially, during emergency conditions. The main property of cannabis is, it blocks the generation of pain signals or impulses. The impulse includes neutral transmission. If the impulse is blocked, then the brain will not react to the pain caused by nerves, muscles and other body parts.

  1. It cures addiction and clears tobacco secretion in the lungs

Curing addiction is not an easy procedure. High strains in the CBD, allows the Serotonin receptors in our body to react. This will lead to less discomfort and cures addiction. Because of its cell-killing property, it helps in reducing the resins formed in the lungs because of tobacco smoking.


Medical cannabis, marijuana, weed, blue angel, Cannabidiol etc. are different names of cannabis. Similar to its thousands of street names, marijuana has many different health benefits. Most of these benefits are under extensive research. With this rate of research, soon we will witness the dawn of marijuana in the medical industry taking giant steps.