Activities for Two Year Olds

Some people refer to the two-year-old stage in a child’s life as the “terrible twos”. When left un-attended they can cause more damage than “terrible adults”, but you still have to admit that they are still adorable (than adults) regardless. Thinking of a fun way to pass time with your two year old with some great activities? Then you have come to the right place.

Kids at this age are very curious about the world and you have to understand that there are ways to spark that curiosity and make it a fun activity. Check out our extended list of fun games and activities for two year olds to make any afternoon fun!

1. Unleash their artist from within!

There are plenty of ways to get creative with a two year old and paint and a box of crayons can be your best friends. It does not matter if they paint you a picture of a solid color or a squiggle on a piece of cardboard, what matters is their play with colors. You can excite them and add some flair to the activity by allowing them to paint on uncommon mediums like ice, macaroni (before you teach them how to make macaroni jewelry) or even snow. The different textures help enlist hours of fun. Encourage them to keep painting, drawing and coloring, this helps in bringing out their creative abilities.

2. Play with Bubbles

Admittedly even grown parents love bubbles and they are one of the best fun time activities out there. Draw a warm bubble bath and have your toddler enjoy extended playtime in it. Make your own giant bubbles with some dish washing liquid, a large washing pail and a hula-hoop, and of course there are the usual bubble bottles that you can grab at any toy store.

3. Building Blocks of Fun

This is a fun activity that you can actually do with your child, build something together. It doesn’t have to be an architectural wonder, but it is a great bonding experience with your two year old, when you are both done, you can look at what you created. An alternative would be to allow him to let his creativity out and let them be with their blocks.

4. Sculptures

We aren’t talking about anything big but hand a child some clay or play dough and you can watch them craft everything from imaginary food to dinosaurs. Join in the fun and make something for your toddler, after you’re done you can help paint their creations or just mix up different colors of clay for that splash of color.

5. Pasta

Good for dinner, great for hours of fun. There are a lot of things you can do with uncooked pasta, from creating pasta art – with some paint and glue, to having your toddler thread some and creating jewelry. This also keeps them busy in case you are preparing pasta for dinner.

6. Sand

A sandbox is a great place for your two year old to meet other kids and start making sand castle mounds. However, it doesn’t have to be the sandbox in the playground, take them to the beach so that you can also have a beach day of your own.

7. Forts

This is a great indoor activity if they can’t go out to play on rainy afternoons. Grab some couch cushions, pillows, a comforter, and maybe even some Christmas lights and you can all build a fort together. If you stay in the fort long enough, it can even turn into a semi sleep over.

8. Water activities are the best

Kiddie pools are great fun for kids of all ages, they can relax in summers and who doesn’t love playing around in water.  If you have access to a bigger pool then they can even practice their swimming skills and be better swimmers when they’re older. However, the fun does not end there, bring a water gun and have a water gun fight, water balloons can add an extra splash to all the excitement too. Be careful to keep it safe, it can get slippery real quick.

9. Chores

This might be one of the more debated items but you can make chores fun and teach your kids to clean up after themselves while they are young. It gives them a sense of responsibility at an early age, and that can be a good thing.

10. Read them a good story

It can be as simple as reading them a fairytale but you can easily spice these story times up by great narration, let them voice the characters if you want or even dress them up as the characters in the story. There are just so many ways that you can story time into an enjoyable fun time activity.

11. Fun with food

They are not an age where they can really help you prepare meals, but having them around while you get lunch or dinner ready might be a good idea. Ask them to assist you by picking out certain condiments that they would like or helping build sandwiches. If its dessert time you can let them craft their own desserts. Easy with the chocolate though!

12. Go Camping

It does not have to be out in the woods, but you can easily pitch a tent in the backyard or even in your living room! Don’t have a tent handy? Then try sleeping bags in a pillow fort!

13. Face painting

But don’t just paint their faces and let them have a go at your face too. This can be one of the best bonding experiences that you can have with your child.

14. Singing

Do you know their favorite song or nursery rhyme? Then encourage your child to sing along even if they forget the lyrics or laugh in between. It’s a great activity if you are stuck in traffic and someone’s about to throw a tantrum and it can lead to hours of fun without any other materials needed.

There are indeed a lot of things that you can do with your kids that are both enjoyable and mentally stimulating. They are arguably the most curious at this age so you can use that to both your advantage and explore the vast world and its wonders together.

Anytime can be a fun time as long as you make it fun, it does not have to be overly complicated and sometimes the simplest things create the happiest memories. Have fun with these activities, and always remember to make safety a top priority in enjoying any of them.