Best Arm Exercises Without Weights for Women

Woman Jogging

Do you want to have toned arms like Michelle Obama? Having toned arms is a dream of every woman. Nobody loves to have flabby arms; it looks just as bad as a jiggling tummy. This is because they not only make you look unfit but older as well. Having flabby arms can negatively affect your appearance. Since we are living in a world where we are constantly judged on our looks. It is imperative to lose fat from the arms. Many women lose their confidence and avoid going out.

Though you cannot sit in your house all your life, it is better to workout and get rid of the flabby arms. With the hectic routine, working out in the gym is not an option for most women. Arm strengthening and toning exercises are crucial for everyone. This will help you become stronger; life will become easier for you.

Here are the top exercises that you can do to make your arms stronger. Have a look!

What Are the Reasons for Flabby Arms?

There are mainly two reasons for flabby arms. The first reason is our skin loses its elasticity with the passage of time. The other reason is the fat gathered in our arms. For having toned arms, it is essential to try these arm exercises.

For Triceps

Triceps are located on the back of your arm. Many people don’t focus triceps when exercising. This is a huge mistake as triceps are the bigger muscles than the biceps. Triceps exercises are not only good for men but for women as well. This is because women genetically store more fat in the thighs and arms.

Aa great way to lose this fat is by following triceps exercise. It will not only help get rid of the fat, but it will bring definition and shape to your arm.

We have listed some of the triceps exercises that you can do at home.

Woman With Fit Triceps

Diamond Push Up

One of the best exercises that you can do for triceps is the diamond push up. Though it might seem easy, it is far from easy. This is because there is more to it than just push up. For it to be effective you must do it properly. When you bring your hands closer to form a diamond, you can get more benefits.

The diamond push up is good for bringing more definition to your triceps and to strengthen it. This is a good way to make your shoulders stronger. With this push-up, you will work your shoulders as pressure will be on your shoulder joint.

How You Should Do It?

  • You have to start in the push-up Make a diamond shape using your index fingers and thumbs.
  • You must keep your elbows close to your side, then you should lower yourself down. Your chest must touch your hands.
  • During this, you will have to keep your glutes, thigh, muscles, and abs tight.
  • Push yourself back up onto the starting position.
  • Repeat this several times.

Woman Doing Pushups


Another most effective exercise for you are triceps dips. This is an effective and intense isolation exercise that is useful for enhancing the definition of your triceps. There are many types of dips, you can do machine dips, bench dips, chair or step dips, and many more.

No matter what type of dip you do, it is good for your body. This is because the dip is a compound push exercise that will engage your forearms, chest, lower back, shoulders, and triceps. The moment you position yourself the muscles are engaged. These muscles will help you balance yourself on the arm handles.

For beginners, it is good to start with bench dips. Over time, you can work your way upwards to the parallel bar dip. Since you will need a suitable place to do parallel bar dips, you can use chairs as well.

How to Perform Bench Dip

  • Start by balancing yourself between chairs or benches. On one chair or bench should be your hands while feet on the other one.
  • Remember to keep your back straight and chest up during the exercise.
  • You should lower yourself down to a position where your elbow must be bent at 90 degrees.
  • Then push yourself up to straighten out your arms.

For challenging yourself, you can buy dip bars. There are many dip bars on the market, from here you can get quality dip bars to workout your triceps.

Lateral Plank Walks

A great exercise that you can do for your strengthening your arm and triceps is Lateral Plank Walks. This is a full body exercise that will engage your core and shoulders. In order to have the effective result, you must do it properly.

How You Must Do It?

  1. You should start in the plank position.
  2. It is important to have your shoulders above your wrists and keep your abs tight.
  3. Move your right hand and right foot to the side immediately.
  4. Then, follow it with your left hand and foot.
  5. You must take several steps in one direction
  6. After that, do these steps in the opposite direction.

To make things more interesting and challenging for you, you can increase the difficulty level.

The Windmill

One of the easiest and most effective exercises for your arms is the windmill. With the help of this exercise, you can build strength in your upper arms, neck muscles, and shoulders. Both triceps and biceps are also engaged through this exercise.

How to Do It?

  • First, you have to raise your arms at the shoulder level. Your hands must be in front of you and parallel to the ground.
  • Then, raise your arms up and rotate them backward and down. You must rotate your hands in 360-degree motion.
  • Repeat this exercise 20 to 30 times forwards and backward.

Therefore, with the help of these exercises, you can say goodbye to flabby arms. Add these exercises in your routine and get well-toned arms.