Dominican Girls – Tips On Dating Dominican Women

The Dominican Republic has some of the most beautiful, vivacious and interesting women in the whole of Latin America. Most of them are mixed race and have dark, long and luscious locks, as well as voluptuous physiques that would make any man weak at the knees. Furthermore, Dominican women possess a unique sort of sexuality that draws you in. If you’re interested in dating a Dominican woman and are looking for tips to get some experiences of your own with them on this beautiful island, then read on for more:

1. Don’t overdo it

The men and women of the Dominican Republic have very clearly defined roles that create a really natural flow in the relationships between the two sexes. The women are almost always feminine and more docile, often preferring to wear dresses and skirts to structured pants and clothing, while the men are always expected to dress and act masculine. So, don’t attempt to approach Dominican girls with any of the normal pick-up lines and gimmicks that you’d try on Western girls because it may be seen as being too much. Generally, Dominican women prefer a man that is well-dressed, well-groomed, fit, masculine and confident. It’s important for you to show that you know what you want and you mustn’t be prudish about your intentions either.

2. Get to the point

In a sense, Dominican women are sexually liberal and sex is a natural part of life that they’re not embarrassed or apologetic about. If your intention is to have sex with a woman, then don’t be afraid to show her and don’t hesitate to escalate things in that direction even if you’re on the first date.

3. Western men are quite esteemed

Most Dominican women love the idea of dating and marrying a white Westerner, as it gives them an elevated status within the community. This perception of international men could work to your advantage when you’re trying to date a beautiful woman that doesn’t know much about the West due to lack of exposure. Being a foreigner will also bring you a lot of options to choose from, and you might even find it difficult to manage your own dating schedule when the girls start coming in your direction.

4. Choosing a city

Successfully dating Dominican women involves knowing where to look to get what you’re looking for, and we’ve got a quick guide to two of the country’s most populated cities.

Punta Cana: Punta Cana is situated on the Eastern part of the Dominican, and boasts a long stretch of ocean with clear turquoise blue water and tall palm trees. Apart from its picturesque appearance, Punta Cana is also known as party central in the Dominican, and with its array of five-star resorts and water sports, it’s the ideal place to go to meet both local and international women.

Santo Domingo: As the capital of the Dominican Republic, Santo Domingo is the region which attracts a lot of girls from different parts of the country. It’s a beautiful city and has the most universities and colleges in the country.

5. Try online dating

Online dating websites and platforms like Nightgame and Daygame are worth the investment if you’re planning on being in the country for an extended period of time. However, DominicanCupid is the place to go if you’re only in the Dominican Republic for a few days or weeks and want to hook up with hot girls while you’re there. That’s because it’s the site where a lot of local girls go to meet gringos, and most will come across as quite aggressive in their eagerness to meet you, but that doesn’t meant that you should let it go to your head because they’ll most likely be chatting with other guys at the same time. So, be confident and straightforward about what you’re looking for, as most girls on this site won’t mind having sex on the first date.

That said, a bit of preparation before you arrive to the country can also be helpful to line up a few dates during a short stay, and WhatsApp is an even better way to keep in touch through text and voice messages as well as pictures and videos.

6. Thread carefully

It’s safe to say about half of Dominican women in big cities are gold diggers. But that’s because most of them are single mothers who are looking for a way to provide for their kids, so you’ll do well to screen the women you go out with carefully, and beware of women who allude to money problems or their financial hardship when chatting with them online.

While it’s okay to pay for a girl’s ride home, it’s not advisable to send her money, as that might create unnecessary expectations that you won’t be able or willing to fulfil. Also, just because a girl decides to come back to your place after the first date doesn’t mean that she’s a prostitute, but do your due diligence just in case. You wouldn’t want to be someone’s sugar daddy after all, and thread and choose carefully if you’re the type that’s looking for a more serious relationship.

7. Be mindful of your appearance

Generally speaking, Dominican women are used to men that are always in good shape, with handsome looks and a good dress sense, and if you want her to take notice of you, then you have to take care of yourself. Work out, be stylish, shave regularly and put on cologne. Women respond well to a guy with means even if they’re not with you for the money, but they appreciate a man that carries himself well.

 8. Learn to speak Spanish

Learning to speak Spanish is super important if you want to date Dominican women, because most of them don’t really speak English and they’re not really interested to learn either. Your ability to speak Spanish will make things much smoother as it’ll enable you to communicate your intentions with women, participate in basic conversation and setup dates easily. While the Dominican accent is noticeably different from what you were taught in eighth grade Spanish, going the extra mile to learn and practice it through Pimsleur Spanish is totally worth it because it will improve your chances of getting the right girl.

9. Don’t take her meekness for weakness

A lot of women in the Dominican Republic have meek personalities and are real sweethearts, but their submissiveness doesn’t mean that they’re doormats. On the contrary, a Dominican woman will drop you in a New York minute if she feels as though she’s being disrespected or taken advantage of. Your approach should therefore be to appreciate her femininity and her respectful and sweet nature, because underneath it all, she has a strong heart and will that’ll surprise you- in a good way.

10. Dance with her

Like most Latin American women, Dominican ladies are quite partial to dancing and they really love a man who enjoys being on the dance floor with them. Even if you’re not a good dancer, she’ll just appreciate your enthusiasm to have fun with her and you’ll earn extra brownie points if you’re not afraid to show off your two left feet in public.

 11. Don’t ask her for money

Dominican women are very independent and careful with money, and due to the traditional roles enacted in their society, it’s unheard of for a man to expect a woman to pay for the bill at a restaurant or lend money to a man, especially if they’re not married to you.  Also,  Dominican ladies work extremely hard for their money so they’re not looking on spending it on a leach without a job, and asking her for money will definitely weaken your position as a man in her eyes, so you should strive to be a successful man who knows his place in the world.

 12. Family is essential

In the Dominican culture, family is everything, and Dominican ladies place their families first before their relationships with men. You’ll do well to keep that in mind and treat her family with respect when she invites you for family celebrations and the like.

13. Diversity

The Dominican Republic has a diverse assortment of women from different races, cultures and nationalities, and while most have curvy bodies, there are also slender girls that like to show off their long legs with short skits and shorts.  Dominican women are also quite partial to tight-fitting clothes and bikinis, which is fitting because the climate agrees with this type of dress code as well.

14. Socialize with the right people

You’ll find that Dominican people are generally welcoming and hospitable, so it’s not hard to make friends there, but you have to be careful about the friends you make, especially if you’re planning on staying for a while. A good place to start would be to familiarize yourself with the people you interact with every day, like the staff at your favorite restaurant, or the guy at your car service dealership. Chances are, they have a beautiful sister or cousin that could be your ideal girl and you’ll have better chances meeting decent women through their family and friends.

Going to night clubs is probably not the best idea if you want to meet classy women in the Dominican Republic. As a matter of fact, most Dominican women go to night clubs with a group of friends, which may include guys, so it can be quite difficult to even approach a girl in a club situation. So rather stick to casting your net during the day time, and some of the best places to meet girls during the day include the gym, some of the big shopping malls and popular street cafes.


The Dominican Republic is one of the fastest growing travel destinations of the past decade and it’s not hard to see why. Unique towns like Punta Cana possess beautiful architecture and a unique culture that makes for an unforgettable stay, while its women are considered as some of the most attractive and friendliest in all of Latin America. Dominican girls are also quite liberal and open-minded, and they appreciate a man who’s confident about expressing his sexuality.

However, you’ll do well to maintain a good physique, dress well and look presentable, because Dominican women prefer being on the arm of a well put together man. On another note, international men are quite revered and desired by Dominican women, so you’ll encounter a lot of girls that are keen to hook up or date you, while learning Spanish will give you an even better chance to attract the hottest girls in the region.  Also remember to keep your circle tight and socialize with the right people, and you’ll soon attract the Dominican girl that has the whole package; looks, personality, intelligence and confidence.