Most Expensive Magic Card

The card gaming franchise, Magic: The Gathering, is one of the most popular and widely followed in the world. Since its creation by the now famous Richard Garfield back in the ‘90’s, the franchise has since spawned some of the most sought-after collectible cards in the world, and the highest rated cards command a price of between $ 700 to $40 000 apiece. Mind you, there are over 11, 000 of these MTG cards to choose from, all at different prices and levels of importance in the game. In today’s article, we’ll be focusing our attention on only one of these cards, which also happens to be MTG’s most expensive card, the one card which can fetch upwards of thousands to tens of thousands of dollars; the Black Lotus.

The Black Lotus: Price

The Black Lotus card is currently on the market for an official price of between $1, 574 to $3,051, however it has been auctioned at a price of $27, 000. Also, there is another beta-deck Black Lotus card which is considered to be so rare that its owner is auctioning it at a starting price of $100, 000. Talk about steep.

The Black Lotus: Special Powers

Now, you might be wondering why game players are willing to pay so much for this card, and the answer is that it bestows upon the player certain powers that other cards do not have. For example, you can use the Black lotus card to give yourself an early three point lead in the game, which is not only a game-changing move, but an an assault that your opponent may not be able to come back from.

Although use of this card is forbidden in all official play formats, it continues to attract game-players due to its antiquity. You see, the Black Lotus card is one of a set known as the Power Nine, which was printed as a limited edition back in the early ‘90’s. Out of that original set, the Black Lotus is the most powerful and useful card to use in the game if you want to be invincible, or close. Other abilities of the Black Lotus card include;

  • Play interrupt
  • It allows you to add 3 mana early on in the game, but they have to be a single color of your choosing
  • You can play this card at no cost

Needless to say, the Black Lotus card gives the player an undisputable advantage over other opponents in the game, but you must play it early on in the game to benefit from that advantage in the long run.

The Black Lotus: Significance of the card’s symbolism

The artwork of the Black Lotus card itself is very beautiful, and for that alone the card has tremendous value. However, it is the illustrations on the card that has significance for many. The illustrations on the Black Lotus card show a black lotus flower with the backdrop of greenery, which can be interpreted a symbolising the surprise element that the card brings to the game, as well as the resources and prosperity that it brings to the player.

The Black Lotus: Why the card is in demand 

As you may know, players of the MTG game are known as planeswalkers, and the object of the game is to duel with fellow players, or planeswalkers, to be the ultimate conqueror that gets all the exaltation and knowledge over the others. How do the cards come in? Well, they represent different spells and creatures that you can use as weapons for your defence, and the Black Lotus card is endowed with the ability to grant the player a strong opening hand by accelerating your mana, or resources. The best part about this card is that you can play it with zero resources, while it gives you a three-point lead over your adversary. This means that you can literally go from zero to hero in just seconds, by just whipping out the Black lotus card.

Now, the card was banned in official play formats for the very reason that the advantage it gives to the owner is just too great. Being too powerful a card to use in official formats didn’t relegate the Black Lotus to obscurity though, as it is still widely used in special formats such as in Prismatic and Freeform, as well as in Vintage tournaments.

Another attractive element of the Black Lotus card is the fact that its rarity has earned it a top status as a collector’s item.  Not only is it part of a set that was printed before the MTG series became popular, but it is one of a few cards that will never be printed again. Plus, the Alpha version of this card will cost you more because only 1, 100 copies of it were printed, whereas the Beta is more accessible at 3, 300 printed copies, and as the scarcity principle in economics dictates, the more exclusive and limited something is, the more valuable and in-demand it becomes, which means that the value of the Black Lotus card can only soar higher in years to come.

The Black Lotus: Is it worth it?

Now that we’ve established the Black Lotus as the most expensive card in the history of the MTG franchise, the question remains; is it worth it? So far, the Black Lotus has proven itself to be the most powerful card yet, as it not only confers upon its owner the power to surpass his competitors, leaving them behind by miles; but it is also a great financial investment and a true collector’s item. Game players all over the world covet this card more than any other, and although it is no longer used in official game formats, its value and popularity continue to skyrocket and many have even speculated that the Black Lotus might even come back into favour with official game formats at some point in the future. So, to answer our question, yes the Black Lotus definitely is worth it.