Games for Three Year Olds

Playing peek-a-boo might have been the best thing ever, but sadly it can’t also last forever. Your three year old is finally at an age where he or she can enjoy a number of different games that can stimulate their intellect, bolster their creativity and allow them to have lots of fun with you in the process. Playing games with your three year old is probably one of the best bonding experiences you will have, and although they can be a handful, it can get pretty fun pretty fast.

At this point you might be tempted to handover a tablet to your three year old with a game that you’ve downloaded online, but there are still a lot of things that you can enjoy without the use of technology. Here is our list of a number of ways to have the ultimate bonding experience with your child!

1. Simon Says

This is one of our favorites growing up and it’s one of those games that can really get them up and running. You can add in a little variation such as giving instructions that don’t start with the traditional “Simon says” line and have a load of laughs in the process.  Now remember we know how fun it can be to be Simon but you will be able to teach your kid a lot by allowing them to be Simon too. This game also works in group play and in classes, you can even have it in parties for endless entertainment.

2. Charades

This isn’t your couples version of charades where you have to act out “Pulp Fiction” or other complex things your child won’t possibly comprehend, but you can play a child friendly version with simple words and phrases, or maybe even throw in some movies you all watched together (Despicable Me and Frozen make for great ones.) This is a great way to teach them to express themselves in a creative manner.

3. Color Hunt

Choose a color and have your toddler(s) hunt around the house, classroom or even playground for things that are of that color. Remember to lay down some ground rules and keep dangerous colorful objects away. They can either bring them to you or point them out.

4. Bowling

This is not as dangerous as it seems and they’ll enjoy this as much as you do. Find a bowling alley with bumpers in the lanes and watch your kid knock down their first strike. If you think they won’t be able to handle an activity such as bowling just yet, there should be some bowling toys available in your local toy store.

5. Catch

You don’t have to be Babe Ruth and use an actual baseball, you can substitute a softer ball to prevent potential safety hazards. If you have a group of kids you can play a certain variation where one has to do something in case they do or don’t catch the ball. Get creative!

6. Hungry Hungry Hippos

This is an all-time classic, it has simple rules and you’ll love the easy setup. Invite some of their friends over for a play date and make sure you have plenty of cookies and milk for everyone. Be sure that no one tries to swallow the marbles!

7. Swimming

Everybody loves wading in the pool and splashing around, adults included. This is a great time to reinforce some swimming techniques and get out of the house. Bring a water gun and let them splash around in the kiddie pool. You can even try teaching them Marco Polo or have a ball around to pass about.

8. Tag

Tag is a fun game, but since they’re tiny it’s best played with kids of their age. You can supervise nevertheless and make sure that no one is pushing or being too much of a handful. On the plus side, if they are energetic kids, it will help them burn some of that excess energy with their friends.

9. Tic Tac Toe

This is a game that you can easily teach your toddler and it will help with their strategic thinking abilities at an early age.  Do it with paints, crayons and on a larger medium than the traditional back of a notebook arena. It is not for every kid, but some kids do appreciate it.

10. Role Playing

What’s their favorite fairy tale, movie or story? You can role-play the characters and even take turns with certain ones. This allows for endless hours of entertainment that any child or parent will appreciate. It helps develop their creative thinking abilities and allows them to practice their imagination at the same time.

11. Jenga

Jenga is one activity that we all love and fortunately it’s a game that is both fun and trains the dexterity of your little ones. If they get bored of playing you can always give the game a twist by allowing them to paint the pieces and play with them afterwards.

12. Bowling – Toilet Paper Style

Let’s say you can’t take the kids out for real bowling at the alley, this alternative is almost like a hybrid between bowling and a carnival game. You’ll need about 6 to 10 rolls of toilet paper to stack pyramid style, and they can take turns knocking them down from a certain distance. Allow for them to take turns in restacking the toilet paper and you will even teach them to helpful in the process.

13. Finish the story

Take one of their favorite books or make up your own story and leave some parts blank. This is a fun way to stimulate their imagination. Let them act out the characters that they come up with or describe the settings that you’ve left blank.

14. Dance Freeze

This is a classic party activity that you can play anywhere and all you’ll need is a device capable of playing music. Let your kids dance to the music and when the music is paused they have to freeze. It’s a great way for them to burn energy and for you to get your groove on.

There a lot more games that you can play with your three year old and you can even invent your own or create variations of the classics. What’s important is that you have fun with your child and always keep safety as the utmost priority, you don’t want too many tears during fun time.

So what are you waiting for? Try out one of these exciting activities with your toddler today and have hours of fun excitement. Remember that you should be having loads of fun too.