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Living Room With Grey Furniture

Imagine this. You come home, tired, after a long day at work, looking for relaxation but only a few minutes of sitting in your living room and you have a heated discussion with your spouse over something very trivial. You know that under some other circumstances or in a different setting you would never have argued upon such an inconsequential matter.

You blame it on the work pressure at the office. But has it ever occurred to you about how the colour in your living room or the placement of your furniture has a compound effect on your mood? Your home décor dramatically influences your subconscious mind. So, the next time when you renovate your house or plan to buy a new piece of furniture, keep it mind about how it’ll affect you emotionally and act accordingly.

There are a few points we’ll discuss in the length of the article which will help you make the right choices. There is this hot new topic in the world of design and architecture called Neuroarchitecture. There is a lot of emerging research proving how factors like light, colours and the layout of the room, affects you psychologically. Though this practice has been around since centuries in India and China namely Vastu Shastra and Fang Shui respectively, it has only gained momentum after scientific interference which gave it more credibility due to its research in Neuroscience.

Interior Décor- The Aesthetic Aspect

Usually, when we discuss interior design, we give great importance to how will it look, what are the on-going trends, what is the preferred style etc. We don’t give enough consideration into the psychological effect it can have on us emotionally as well as physically. As a matter of fact, colours are the biggest mood changer.

Living Room With Couch


Colour Psychology

Though there is a significant debate on which colour corresponds to which emotion specifically, it can significantly vary from person to person. But there are some basic points you need to remember.

Neutral Colours: They are the most versatile colours and are used as a backdrop for other colours.

White: represents serenity, calmness & peace. It can also be used to make smaller spaces appear more substantial.

• Brown: is an earthy colour exuding a relaxed feeling. Use it for rooms where family gathering occurs.

Black: It is power exuding. Best used in moderation and for statement pieces.

Warmer Colours: They are the more energetic colours and known to increase your appetite.

  • Red: this is another excellent colour after black. It reminds us of passion, love, anger, fire. Red should be sparingly used. Used In the kitchen, it is known to increase your appetite. Feng Shui believes red is the colour for good luck.
  • Pink: stands for happiness and peace. Great for children’s room and as an alternate colour for those who love red.
  • Yellow: is associated with creativity. Best used in a study or rooms with direct sunlight to create harmony with nature.
  • Green: the colour of nature has soothing properties. It can be used in the Foyer or the entryway to help in the smooth transition from the outdoor environment to the indoors.

Cooler Colours: Relaxes The Mind

  • Blue: creates an openness in the house just like the ocean. Blue gives a feeling of calm and freshness. Can be used in living rooms and bathrooms.
  • Grey: gives a sense of relaxation and quiet. Can be used in Offices and bathrooms.
  • Purple: luxury and ambition define purple. Versatile enough to be used in any room, especially bedrooms.

Living Room With White Couch

Possessions speak volumes about one’s personality

How you decide to fill up your home reveals a lot about your character. The combination of your furniture, your sofa arrangement, show pieces is all an act of your subconscious choices. Someone with a more elegant looking but a smaller couch is considered more practical than someone with a larger sofa. It shows that he is emotional and more inviting when it comes to family gatherings. A fridge full of magnets and kids drawings also come across as a more welcoming person and someone who is more attached to his memories. Even when you look around your own house, everything that you see is the part of your extended self. The books that you read, the choice of coasters that you have, the crockery etc. is what makes you feel grounded in your own house.

Simple changes for a happier life

If you cannot make significant changes in your house for any which reason, you can always do a few altercations around the current setting to make it more compliant with positive energies.


Something as simple as just rearranging your furniture can make a whole lot of difference in changing the latent energy of your house. You can use Vastu Shastra guidelines and arrange accordingly to maximise the benefit.


Including nature in your house in the form of indoor plants or a floral wallpaper or flower vases can keep your mind calm and help you focus on the work at hand.

Table With Small PlantsSunlight:

It is essential to have abundant sunshine in your living space, to take away all the stagnant energy and bring in brightness and fresh air.

Scented Candles:

Not only do they smell good but they also give you a feel-good factor in your house. The aroma relaxes stressed energies almost immediately.


Keep your porch clean, colourful and clutter-free. It makes the entrance more welcoming and inviting, for positive energy.


Keeping your windows open early in the morning brings in a breath of freshness to the locked-up house from the previous night. It’ll give you a right start to your day. Just by knowing how the weather is outside providing a sense of control to many.

Personal Space:

Even if you aren’t privileged enough to have a room of your own, try and find that one corner in the house where you can spend some quality time with yourself. After all, Inner Peace is a new Success.

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