Incorporating Valentine

Incorporating Valentine’s Day Into Your Wedding

A very important decision when planning a wedding is deciding the date. Many couples find that February 14th is a very special day to celebrate such an occasion. Why not enhance this special day by incorporating a Valentines Day theme in to your wedding? Here are some ideas for decorating an exciting Valentines Day wedding.

Cake is the centerpiece of a wedding and a very memorable feature of the special day. If you have not already set your mind on a design for your cake, consider giving it a Valentines Day theme. Perhaps a heart shaped cake with red and white frosting is to your liking. Adding red rose petals, hearts, and pink or red writing can really bring out the romantic vibe. You can also have a solid white cake with a red velvet surprise on the inside. Try checking out some bakerys for ideas; many of them have large catalogs and binders full of holiday themed cakes for you to browse.

Valentines day flowers

Let’s not forget the flowers! No Valentines Day wedding would be complete without big red, white, or pink flowers. You can go beyond red roses and try lillies or lotuses. If you’re going for a black and red color scheme instead of white and red, then black lotuses or black roses can look gorgeous, especially at an outdoor wedding. You may also consider red ribbon or streamers as decoration to add a little more color to the atmosphere. Try talking with local flourists and see what kind of recommendations they can provide.

Overall, the decor is going to set the atmosphere of your wedding. The colors and decorations are what is going to make you really feel the Valentines Day spirit. Having an outdoor wedding on a sunny day will also greatly enhance the mood and theme of your wedding. Some decorations to consider are table cloths and seat covers. If you’re on a budget, simple red table cloths or seat coveres will add lots of color to your reception area. A good alternative is solid white table cloths with red rose pedals sprinkled over the top. Look around! The best wedding ideas can be taken from other weddings.

Your wedding dress theme

If you want to go all out for your Valentines Day theme, there is no better way than with the dress. Consider a red dress or a white dress with red accessories. If the bride must have a solid white dress, then you can also consider having the bride’s maids wear red dresses and have the groom or groom’s men wear red boutineers or ties. The smallest touches can make the most impact.

The most exciting part of a wedding is the planning. Do lots of research and take a look at other weddings that have done similar things to get ideas for your own wedding. You don’t need a lot of extra money to have a themed wedding, most of the ideas come by simply changing the colors of existing ideas and decoration. Change your cake, flowers, clothing, and other decor to create a colorful and memorable wedding day and Valentines Day that nobody will ever forget!