Leaving Your Job? Don’t Make These 5 Huge Mistakes


Change! The only thing constant in life is Change.

Change happens in response to your dreams and ambitions that spur you on towards self-actualization. You look for opportunities to grow, challenge and better yourself. This means you will have to let go. Let go of the ropes and support that held you in place. You will have to vacate that rung and climb the ladder. This change affects myriad parameters in your life but it is exactly what we need. To refresh, revitalize and grow.

1.    Nothing personal, just advancing the career

A resignation means that you mean business and you want to advance in your career. If your ideas or what you offer is being rejected or ignored, then resign. You cannot keep fighting and lose this makes you the problem. If you are good and the right one for the job your resignation will not be accepted. You will be re-signed on your own terms. But if your resignation is accepted then you were in the wrong job and it is in everyone’s best interest that you move on. It takes courage to make the right move. Leave with grace – such that with your resignation, your employment in the organization may end but your contribution and growth as a person and professional does not diminish.

2.    Show displeasure

If your reasons for quitting are colleagues or the boss, do not spill torrid emotions or air dirty linen – exit gracefully. You may be leaving the company but the profession and the field of work remain the same. And word gets around – especially when you have done a superb job or left behind a debacle. So, enhance your chances of a getting a great reference and remain calm and professional.

3.    Burn the bridges

Keeping the balance also means taking it with a pinch of salt. All the work hours were not bad. There were colleagues who shared growth, challenges and successes. Smile, thank and reminisce via farewell notes and your contact details. You never know when you need them.


burn the bridges image


4.    Handover

Your job may go to a new employee or another colleague.  Facilitated the handover to the utmost of your ability.  Write and email to your superior and your replacement about – the situation, the files (if any) and topics they should handle. This way you would have eradicated any chances of hearsay or complaints that may damage your reputation that took years to build.

5.    Loose ends with the Human Resource

Honor the notice period from the date of resignation. Write a formal letter of resignation and identify the reason for leaving. Confirm the receipt and acceptance of your letter. The calculation of the final payment includes the leaves due, termination from medical aid, etc., and paid on the last day with the organisation. An exit interview will be conducted and the summary filed for diagnostic compilation.

You cannot take leaves instead of the notice period. It is best to cooperate with the handover and tie loose ends during this period. The company reserves the right to offer the employee payment in lieu of notice period. Go over the Termination list with the Line Manager. It includes the handover of the laptop, keys to the desk, security access, credit card, etc.

How you handle yourself in every situation in life reflects on you – your education, your self-confidence, and your aspirations. Thus, aspire to be the better version of yourself. Reinvent yourself – every moment!