Lori Anne Allison Makeup Artist

Not a lot is known about Lori Anne Allison, the makeup artist that Johnny Depp was once married to, but she does have a pretty interesting life.

Interestingly enough, after Depp’s marriage with Lori Anne, it did take him a number of years before he could marry again. The two walked down the aisle long before Pirates of the Caribbean was even a thing. She was just 25 years of age at that time and Depp was five years her junior. She claims that he was “soft” and would not even scream at her when they were in a fight; this was of course more than thirty years before the reports of his alleged heated altercations with Amber Heard.

Throughout the years she has remained friends with the POC star. She even made a couple of comments in 2016 during the time about her previous relationship with the actor, comments that seemed to be the exact opposite of the man that Heard spoke of.

At that time it was said that Depp’s use of cocaine and alcohol turned him into a different kind of person during his marriage with Amber that lasted for a year and a quarter.

Johnny Depp used to be in a band and it seems to have been the entry point of Allison in his life. Lori Anne is the sister of the bassist and singer of the band, and during this time they met and soon got hitched in December of 1983.

It seemed to have been a good marriage were both worked hard to make a living, as Lori Anne focused intently on making it as a makeup artist, Depp turned to working with an odd variety of jobs. He was even a telemarketer at one point in time. Lori Anne introduced her husband to National Treasure actor Nicholas Cage. Cage then convinced Depp to try and pursue an acting career, and with a current net worth of about $400 million, you could say that this was pretty good advice from Cage to Depp.

Sadly they divorced in 1985 after a short-lived marriage and it took awhile for the actor to even marry again. He was engaged to Sherilyn Fenn and Jennifer Grey, both actresses, but it never led them down the aisle. Then came his popular relationship with supermodel Kate Moss. He had kids with Vanessa Paradis, but they never married, jumping to the present were his last marriage was with Amber Heard, a source of a lot of controversy.

Lori Anne Allison was born in Florida in 1967 and even at an early age she has shown an affinity for creativity. When she was eight years old she gave her dolls haircuts and drew makeup on them using markers. Growing up she continued with her fascination with makeup and at the age of 11 she started drawing using makeup essentials.

She’s known for her stylistic fashion sense sporting shaved eyebrows at the age of 16, streaks of vibrant color in her hair and clothing that seemed inappropriate for people at that time.  However, her other passion was music, she moved to California when she was only 21 to pursue her dreams. She wanted to be a record producer, but unfortunately she became deaf in one ear leading her to change paths.

She started her career as a makeup artist with the help of two of her good friends Christina Applegate and Adam Ant. Adam Ant was responsible for getting her, her first two stints, one in a movie and the other in a play. Applegate on the other hand gave Alison her first tools of the trade, a professional makeup kit that would be the start of her professional makeup career.

Her prominence soon became apparent, as her services were soon being seek by professional photographers and other creatives who would help her improve her craft.

Lori Anne Alison’s makeup artist achievements include a number of movies including Venus Rising, where she was a key hair stylist, makeup artist and the supervisor of makeup for the second unit, she has done makeup for the TV documentary Drop Dead Gorgeous in 1997, and even had a long stint on the Supreme Court of Comedy as the key makeup artist for eleven episodes. Her last known gig was with the The Muse in 2016 when she served as both the hair stylist and makeup artist.

She has her own line of lip products called “Serendeppity Lip Glosses” that was launched in February of 2015.

Lori Anne Alison has indeed made a name for herself apart from being once married to one of the most popular in Hollywood before his fame. However, she has set herself apart by her own creative work spanning a number of different mediums, and even the launch of her own product line.