Pitch your startup to angel investors

How to pitch your startup to angel investors

As a business owner, naturally, you want to present your angel investors with facts. However, most people make the mistake of bombarding the investors with boring power point presentations and too much statistical data. This tends to drain the concentration of the investors and make them feel like they are in a math class. While it is critical that you have all the data in case they ask a question, your aim should be to engage and inspire them. Show them how your business can help to solve everyday problems. Here are several tips that will make it easier for you to pitch and get funding from angel investors.

Know you investors

The first thing you want to do is make sure that you have all the information about your angel investors. Know what they are involved in, what their passions are, if they have kids and pets, basically, know everything. One mistake startup owners make is that of pitching great ideas to investors who do not invest in their space. Chances are if an investment does not appeal to them, they may not want to hear your idea. Make sure you tailor your pitch to appeal to those who are there.

Tell a great story

Sure, numbers are amazing. However, to really get any recognition and funding, you need to express your passion in the form of a story. You will not be able to do so with a power point presentation. Most angel investors have admitted that most of the memorable presentations usually do not begin with statistical data. Remember that almost always great stories have villains and heroes. You need to tell how your product will solve problems in the industry you are creating a startup in.

Praise your team

Of course, you are not both the brain and the muscle in your startup. Some of the greatest leaders in history admit that they cannot do everything on their own. You need to show the angel investors that you have the backing of an amazing, hardworking team that is dedicated to pushing your products further. Get one of your team members in the presentation so that they too can know how great it is when people believe in your idea. This will push them to work even hard so that they can achieve even more.

Don’t just tell, show

One of the best ways to ensure that investors are impressed is to tell and show. Have an uncanny knowledge of the industry. Have great data involving your target market and how other products in the industry are doing. Your slides should not have too many words, just enough to get your points across. Also, it is great if you practice your pitch. Ensure you are fluent, knowledgeable and confident. Confidence will win you half the battle.


It is important to ensure you are confident and fluent in your speech. Investors love a person who knows the industry and wants to make the lives of other people better.