Target VS Wallmart – Top 12 Differences For Shoppers

On the surface, it would seem that Walmart and Target both offer the same thing; an assortment of retail goods in a wide enough variety to cater for the needs of most shoppers. However, the actual shopping experience offered by these two establishments is completely different, and if you go into either one of them regularly enough, you’ll notice that there are other differences between these two big retailers worth noting, as much as there are similarities.

For example, the first thing you’ll notice when walking into any Walmart or Target store, is the presence of ‘greeters’, attendants  whose job it is to welcome shoppers and help them with any queries they might have coming into the store. However, most of these greeters tend to look agitated as though waiting for their next smoke break to come along- and this is in both stores!

However, apart from offering pretty much the same selection of products and hiring similar staff, there are quite a few differences between Target and Walmart that will stand out for you as a shopper. Check out 12 of them below.

1. Quality

While the products offered by both Walmart and Target feature a similar price tag, the quality is jarringly different. Most of the clothes sold by Walmart, for example, often look cheap and might as well have ‘Made in China’ emblazoned on the front instead of being hidden on the inside label. What often gives them away is their weak color and flimsy fabric, which only lasts for about a month before it gives out on you.

On the other hand, Target clothing is affordable but can easily last for up to a year, and it can take even longer before the bold colors start to fade out.  So if you want to look trendy and expensive but are on a budget, go to Target.

2. Service

Anyone who shops at Target will tell you, the employees there are not afraid to show you how irritated they are with assisting you, even though that’s what they’re actually paid to do. Most of them would rather chat with fellow co-workers than respond to a customer, and interrupting their conversation will most likely get you dirty looks the likes of which will discourage you from ever asking again.

Go to Walmart and it’s a completely different story. The employees there will not only respond to your query with a friendlier and more welcoming tone, but they’ll actually go the extra mile of taking you to whichever aisle you need to go in order to get what you’re looking for.

3. Layout

Target obviously doesn’t skimp when it comes to the décor budget. Their store layout is leagues better than that of Walmart. For one, their spacious aisles are arranged in a way that makes it easy to find what you’re looking for and the products always look nicely co-ordinated and just shinier than those found at Walmart, if that even makes sense. Walmart’s wares usually look dimmer and not as pleasing to the eye, which is probably because of the low-budget lighting they use.

4. Lane speed

The speed at which Walmart lanes moves is so excruciatingly slow that it is not uncommon to wait for half an hour at the express lane just to purchase a measly three items or so. That’s because Walmart employees pay a lot of attention to detail when performing every task, whether that’s attending to a customer’s query, scanning items at the till or just showing them a product at a particular aisle.

Everything is done with thorough precision at Walmart, and most customers don’t seem to even mind it, or perhaps they’re just used to it. Either way, Target lanes are usually much faster, which is partly due to the fact that there are usually more lanes open in the first place.

5. Lighting

Both Walmart and Target have brightly-lit stores but of the two, Walmart’s lighting is noticeably dimmer, but not necessarily in a good way. Like we mentioned before, the lighting at Walmart looks low-budget and at times, a bit seedy and dodgy as well.

6. Carts

Not too long ago, Target introduced shopping carts that not only look sleek, but seamlessly glide from one aisle to the next without any of the wheel glitches often experienced when driving some of Walmart’s carts. Also, there is always a selection of shopping carts available at Target, whereas shoppers often struggle to find carts at Walmart, and it’s even harder to find a suitable number of carts when you’re traveling with kids, which is a huge disadvantage considering the fact that most shoppers are moms with more than one kid in tow.

7. Food

While the food at both Target and Walmart outlets doesn’t look appealing most of the time, at least Target tries to redeem itself with reasonable prices. Walmart on the other hand, simply doesn’t seem to care. Most of their products are of really poor quality, and yet the prices are the same as those found at Target.

8. Prices

While most shoppers think they’re getting access to good deals when shopping at Walmart, it is actually the more expensive option when compared to Target. Not only is the quality of the products at Walmart poorer than what you’d normally find at Target, but you’ll notice that some of the items are slightly pricier, which just boggles the mind to be honest.

9. Customers

It’s interesting to note that although they offer similarly priced items, Walmart and Target attract completely different demographics to one another when it comes to customers. For example, Target customers are usually well-to-do members of the upper middle-class club with expensive strollers, good quality clothes and most of them look well educated with good jobs as well. Look into the parking lot outside and you’ll find cars like Lexus’, Corollas, Civics, Prius’s and plenty of Toyota models.

On the other hand, Walmart customers are usually not as fashionable, and often have budget strollers that look flimsy and slightly worn, and they mostly drive cars like Aerostars and Neons. That said, Walmart customers are much friendlier and more considerate towards their fellow shoppers and are more likely to greet you than their usually self-absorbed counterparts at Target.

10. Online shopping

For a seamless online shopping experience, most people usually recommend Target, and for good reason. That’s because their online shopping platform features an attractive layout and you’ll find a lot of discounted stuff there that is of good value, especially when it comes to clothing. Target also has a wider variety of healthy and organic options than Walmart, and their prices are cheaper where it matters, which is on the good stuff. However, if you want to purchase craft gear and home improvement stuff, then Walmart’s online store is the place to go. One helpful online shopping resource is, a site that reviews products according to quality, price, and reviews.

 11. Produce

Walmart stores typically have a well-stocked produce section that is larger than that found at Target stores, and Target usually has a limited assortment of produce in contrast.

12. Market

As a rule, the marketing tactics employed by Target are designed to appeal to a more well-to-do crowd, whereas Walmart has historically marketed itself as a more cost-effective option that is aimed at the less affluent.