The Digital Commerce is on the High Rise – Capitalize on Enterprise Software Solutions

In this day and age of technology, enterprise software is a highly popular way to satisfy the needs of businesses. The custom software development is essential in the corporate world, especially if you want to make the best impression on your clientele – next off improved revenues.

With the widespread use of smart devices, the companies that overlook the importance of enterprise solutions will appear trivial in the eyes of prospective clients.  According to top rated custom software development company, the enterprise application software (EAS) is a must-have, mainly for the B2B businesses to generate positive user experience for the brand and encourage more number of sales. In today’s modern times, the enterprise eCommerce software provides everything your business needs.

What You Need to Know About Enterprise E-commerce Software:

It’s a high-end software developed exclusively for the big conglomerates to sell online.

Really? What should the small to medium size enterprises (SMEs) do, then?

Don’t worry. It’s an old anecdote. Enterprise software solutions for eCommerce businesses a lot more than this. First of all, the enterprise eCommerce solutions are not only for the multi-million-dollar corporations. As these cloud-based software solutions are readily scalable and the majority comes in premium versions such as Shopify Plus, small businesses can also rely on them.

Are you running an enterprise business?

If you are into an enterprise business or planning to launch soon, your company structure will depend on the number of employees, customers you serve and the net revenue. All these are the key indicators of your business success. However, there exists a lot more to it.

You will be an enterprise business in the real sense when,

  • You are offering more than one products or services to the prospective consumers.
  • Your departments consume same pool of technical and financial resources.
  • Your various departments are utilizing the general management team.

It pertains to the fact that the majority of the retail businesses are considered enterprises that are supposed to earn millions of dollars in revenues, annually. Therefore, big or small, new or old, B2B or B2C, all types of enterprise companies need to invest in EAS solutions to fulfill the diverse needs of their businesses. It is an essential corporate strategy in the pursuit of meeting the customer demands and expectations.

Why considering to go for enterprise application software?

EAS functions as a unified, hassle-free communication platform. Moreover, it allows the businesses to bring all departments under the cap of one, centralized software system – offering organization-wide solutions that are smart, fast and safe to your marketing, accounting, order processing, team or project management, or any business need.

The best EAS solutions are custom-made to cover the requirements of businesses operating at multiple locations. The cloud-based eCommerce enterprise software solutions are the optimal choice for multi-server businesses. It all goes down to your business niche, target market, potential consumer-base and undoubtedly the finances you can pledge for your company’s growth and development.

EAS Turning to Good Advantage:

Here are a few commonly used enterprise-level software solutions that SMEs use to deal with multiple eCommerce tasks – ranging from customer relationship management to order processing.

  • BigCommerce
  • Magento
  • Shopify Plus

Benefits of Enterprise eCommerce Software Solutions:

The eCommerce software or in simple terms a ‘shopping cart software’ enters into the playing field of enterprise-sized businesses, it is supposed to come up with numerous perks, including;

  • Omni-channel features (multi-channel sales approach).
  • Multi-store functionality (managing multiple online stores).
  • Inventory management and online order processing.
  • Integrated POS and CRM features coupled with technical support.
  • Payment gateways at more competitive rates.
  • CMS (content management system) to aid the marketing and HR departments.
  • Database management; mandatory to support sales team and supply chain department.
  • Delivers premium web features (SSO – single sign-on, Google trusted store tags, and customized SSL certificates, etc.)
  • Premium support for unlimited products and services, bandwidth, online storage, and site traffic, etc.

Above all, the critical reason to set your sights on a custom enterprise solution for your business is the high-end customer and technical support. For instance, a dedicated, personal account manager will aid you a lot – ranging from assistance in team training, onboarding and technical support.

How to Get It All Done?

Take a pause and think about the options you can bet on regarding enterprise solutions to meet your highly customized business requirements.

Now, you have two options; hire a full-time resource to plan, develop, implement and manage a custom-built software for your enterprise or outsource the entire project.

What comes next?

Your finances to pool in the software development project.

Getting a full-time employee on board can cost you dearly. The most suitable option is to make a well-informed decision of consulting a Software Development Company London to help you establish a profitable eCommerce business.

Only a team of professional software developers can give you a clear insight into what kind of enterprise solution will suit the best to achieve your business goals. There is no second thought to it. So, take each step wisely if you want to establish, run and grow your e-store without breaking your bank.

It’s now time to turn the page.

EAS is an integral part of any eCommerce business. Consider it a supporting framework for your enterprise-level business plans as it is scalable and suitable for a fast-growing company in any industry. Also, enterprise application software updates the business data in real-time. Last, but not the least, it also protects the whole structure from potential glitches in case you need to integrate a different software solution into the mainstream custom enterprise solution you are using for your online business.


The retail sales are increasing world over, and so do the need for eCommerce businesses to understand the psyche of digital shoppers. If you own an eCommerce business, especially in a B2B industry you need to be on-trend for delivering an exceptional shopping experience to the potential clients that people are accustomed to, today. For this, you need to envisage the big picture and pay close attention to rising demand for enterprise software solutions (e.g., EAS) to turn the game into growing revenues.

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