The Technology Behind Electric Bikes

White Electric Bike

Electric bikes or e-bikes are a great alternative to regular bicycles in case you want to go faster. It has all the components of a regular bike and more. In this article, you will learn about the different components that make up the technology behind electric bikes. Moreover, this will include tips on how to maintain and take care of an electric bike.

The Vital Components

Check out the different electric bike components and how they make the bike run. All these components work together to make an electric bike function efficiently and effectively.


First up are the batteries. This component is considered the fuel that powers the electric bicycles. Batteries are found in the luggage rack or low down on the frame. This allows for a more natural weight distribution in the bike. Here’s more of what you need about the batteries used in electric bikes.

  1. These batteries need to charge for 5 to 6 hours. It is very easy to replace them once you run out during a trip. Most riders carry a spare and change the battery themselves.
  2. It is recommended that you get a regular checkup and service for your batteries every 3 to 6 months.
  3. Batteries are often referred to as the most important part of an electric bike because they contain the power you need when you’re not pedaling
  4. Usually, electric bike batteries make about 350–500 W of power which is about 35–50 volts and 10 amps
  5. Nowadays, lightweight lithium-ion batteries are the popular choice for electric bikes. These batteries are also used in laptops, mobile phones, and mp3 players. They tend to be more expensive than older rechargeable battery technologies such as nickel-cadmium.

Electric Bike Handles


The motor is what separates an e-bike from a regular bike. The motor comes in three different motor positions. Each of this position depends on the riding style and bike function.

First is the front hub motor which fits right into the center of the front wheel. If the drive is in the front wheel, where your steering is, it provides the feel of a front wheel drive car. Next up is the rear hub motor which is what you will see in mid-range electric bike models. This position is considered more sophisticated because the motor can create an interaction with the gears and other parts of the bike. Moreover, when placed at the rear, the motor can enhance traction which gives riders a better grip on road surfaces. Last but definitely not the least is the central drive motor, which is having the motor mounted into the frame. This way, all the energy is directed to the drive system. You will feel like you’re riding a normal bike but much faster.

Modern Electric Bike


The frame of an electric bike is slightly different to that of a regular bike. The area of the bike frame that supports your weight is the main part. It is usually made of aluminum alloy. The lighter that part of the frame is, the lighter will be the overall weight of the bike. And the lighter the bike, the farther you can travel before you need to replace your batteries. Moreover, the spokes found on the frame wheel tend to be stronger than those found on a regular bike.


The sensor in electric bikes comes in two types: a speed sensor and a torque sensor. Let us differentiate the two.

A speed sensor will automatically engage the motor once you begin to pedal to your destination. This is to provide assistance to your ride. On the other hand, a torque sensor is more intuitive, responding with just a small amount of assistance to match your speed when moving slowly.

Parked Electric Bike


Last but not least, brakes are very important. Electric bikes use regenerative braking. This means that when you start to pedal your bike, the spinning wheels turn the electric motor in the hub in reverse and start charging up the batteries.

Electric Bike Maintenance Tips

  1. It is common sense to always keep your electric bike clean and dry. In case you didn’t know, riding your electric bike through the rain is not advised.  Even though some bikes are wet-proof, you better not push its limit.
  2. Always keep your battery charged.
  3. Make sure that you have enough storage space in your home and that is long-term. Proper storage is important to make sure your electric bike will last for a long time.
  4. Schedule a regular check-up for your electric bike even though you think nothing is wrong.

Final Thoughts

To be able to properly care for your electric bike, it is important to be familiar with each of its components and their respective function. Owning one entails a big responsibility because electric bikes do not come cheap. It is a pretty big investment so you must definitely make sure that you are using and caring for it the right way.