Which Hair Extension for Which Occasion? Can’t Decide?

Tape Hair Extensions

Are you confused on which hair extension to apply at your occasion? It is quite normal that many cannot decide on the hair extension. Getting a hair extension that pleases and looks epic is hard these days as there is a wide collection to choose from. Hair extensions as related to the type of occasion applicable differ from temporary to permanent extensions.

First, why wear a hair extension?

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Are you afraid your hair does not grow beyond a certain length? Do you feel regret or frown upon getting a cut from a barber or salon? Do you detest the color of your natural hair and you want to experiment with a different color? Are you suffering from hair loss and this draws away your confidence? Are you looking for style or spicing up for an exciting occasion?

In light of all this, applying a hair extension is the way forward. Hair extensions do not make anyone look good and presentable, but they also give you a lot of confidence. Thinning of hair can make anyone think twice before going to some big event. For this, you need to know which hair extension will compliment which occasion. As some hair extensions are easy to put on your scalp and require less time while some might need you to go to the salon for expertise handle. We are here to tell you which hair extension fits for what type of occasion. A suggestion a lot of hair extension experts and distributors don’t bother telling to prospective buyers

So which hair extension fits for what type of occasion?

Clip-In Extension

Clip In Hair Extensions

Clip-In extensions are the most sought-after hair extensions. Why is it so? The reason, they are cost effective and give you the best look when applied. These extensions are easy to apply on daily basis because of their greater versatility. Clip hair extensions can be styled in different ways. As these extensions are easy to put and take out, they will not need you to go to the salon for the application. Moreover, taking care of these extensions is simple, wash them infrequently and deep-condition them so that they look shiny and silky. While continuous washing and shampooing can do real damage to your extensions. So, on which occasion you can put them, here are the most preferred occasions

1. Night-Outs

A long day in the office might render you exhausted for a night out date. It is seemingly hard to put up a gorgeous perfect look after a tiresome hassle on the streets. The feeling of accompanying your partner or friends for a date may seem impossible. Wear a clip in extension that will inspire you and activate a fluffy mood. An eye shadow and little make-up will add to the hair extension and you are good to attend a night out.

2. Special Events

Are you invited to a birthday party, teamwork party, family reunion or any other colorful occasion? A clip in extension will come in handy to give you a nice pleasing look.

3. Wedding Day

Clip in extension takes a short time to put up. Your stylist will blend the hair extension to adjust your look and apply the look you have always wanted.

Tape-in Extension

Tape in hair extensions

Tape in extension is less expensive and permanent hair extensions. They are cheap to maintain, not easy to damage and can be reused. Tape-in extension is lightweight meaning they can rarely damage your hair. Tape-in hair extensions are also very popular and are easily available in the market. The tape that is used to apply these extensions is either double or polyurethane tape. Usually, it is good for those of you who have thin hair around the temple and side of the head. They may be applied using a single panel with single-sided tape.

Tape in hair extensions can be worn on different occasions. It is one of the fastest and easiest ways of applying for the hair extension. Less time consuming i.e. can be placed in 20 to 40 minutes in case of volumizing and for lengthening it might take only 45-60 minutes. It does not require heat and tools for being placed. The panels of the tape-in hair extension can be laid flat on the head, which is why they become undetectable for anyone to differentiate from natural hair. They are suitable for those who have thin and fine hair. Tape-in hair extensions are one of the safest methods of hair extensions that is available out there as they are laid flat on the large section of the head and does not damage your hair.

Tape in hair extensions is reuse bale extensions that will last you long time for approximately 6 to 8 months if they are maintained properly. For taking care of the tape-in hair extensions so that you can rock them on different occasions do not apply silicone or oil-based substances at the roots of your head. You can brush tape-in hair extension daily from root to the tips and style them like your normal hair.

1. Formal outings

You can get the volume you desire for a promotion or homecoming event by putting in a tape in extension. Such events happen occasionally hence the best fit for tape in extensions.

2. Big Celebrations

Celebrations such as your birthday bash require a permanent hair extension. Applying a tape in extension will give you the low profile but still appealing look. Similarly, it will give you the best outlook for your wedding. Tape in extensions will serve you best when planning for big celebrations that come once or twice a year.

3. Other Occasions

Hair extensions are designed to give women a stylistic look for special occasions. Hair extension is fashionable and most rich women wear them almost all the time. When matching a hair extension on a certain occasion, it is important to know the type of look to put up. This can be a professional or casual look. Blending the extension and natural hair requires a different contrast and color for different occasions. Thus, consulting a hair stylist would help you make a sounder decision as to when and what hair extension to wear on different occasions!