5 Compelling Reasons to Take Your Next Stag Party To Prague

Stag dos are not an easy job whether in the city or abroad. It is a party where all hell is set free and there are no consequences. If you are the best man chosen for the wedding of your best buddy, then the responsibility automatically descends on your shoulders to organize the stag party and make sure that it is the best stag party ever. A single life send-off is an event worth pulling all stops for, and the city of Prague is perfect for such an adventure.

The literal and party capital of Czech Republic has presents a charming opportunity for the lads to let loose, without burning a big hole inside their wallets. If you’re still not convinced, read on to find out why Prague is the perfect stag do destination:

Easy to Reach

Before we get to accommodation and the party itself, the first obstacle is getting to the city where you have planned the party. With Prague, doing so is not going to be an issue as it is a major European city with a lot of tourist interest.

In fact, for the same reason mentioned above, finding dirt cheap flights to Prague is quite easy, especially if you have time to plan ahead and book in advance. The best part is, the flight duration is only two to three hours!

Perfect Mix of Culture and Fun

Prague boasts the perfect fusion of culture and metropolitan amenities. Lined with pubs and nightclubs full of fun loving clientele, the city also flaunts a rich history that will keep the culture buff inside you happy. Stag groups can enjoy anything from trying their hands on Kalashnikov rifle to beer biking and absorbing the culture around the city.

The beer museum, John Lennon’s famous wall, the Prague House of Photography, along with innumerable spectacular old buildings, gothic churches and magnificent bridges, the city has a wealth of fantastic sightseeing opportunities.

Easy On the Pockets

If you’re working with a slim budget, Prague happens to be the perfect destination for you. Prague ranks in the top five, when it comes to affordability among popular stag destination. The city also boasts plenty of affordable accommodation options, and the locals have a great attitude towards stag groups.

Moreover, Prague offers some of the cheapest, and the best beer on the planet. Prague ranks on number four, when it comes to cheap beer, with a pint of 330ml beer costing just £1.19 per bottle! The cheap prices will also be apparent when you’re looking for food and transport options, which brings us to our next point.

Efficient Public Transport

The Prague tram is the easiest way to get around the city during the day. The day pass costs less than 4 Euros, and is enough for all your day time activities and excursions. Travelling long distances at night might be a little expensive, as only cabs are available at night. However, with the right planning, this cost can be easily avoided.

For instance, if you and the lads have planned a bar crawl at night, plan it so you are closer to your accommodation by the end of it. Or better yet, look for cheaper accommodation options near the city centre. While finding accommodation inside the city might be a tad bit expensive, you will be saving a lot more on transport.

Plenty of Upscale Options Available

If money is not a concern for your group, Prague boasts some of the best fine dining restaurants in Europe. The city is dotted with bars, pubs, and nightclubs that cater to all kind of group sizes and budgets. Similarly, there are plenty of affordable eating options within proximity of each other.

Not to mention, there are more strip clubs and lap dance clubs in the city than you can count. However, stag groups are advised to stay extra alert when visiting such areas. Don’t pick fights and keep to yourself. You don’t want to be another example of a stag party that went wrong.

Stag Friendly Locals

While you might find that a few pubs in Prague have banned the entry of large stag groups, the people are generally pretty “easy going”. Unless you are completely hammered (which is pretty common), most places will happily let your group enter. Moreover, English is the third most spoken language in the city, and more locals are picking up the lingo every day.

Same goes for the women, most stag experts describe the women of Prague as easy going and fun loving. To add to the fun, you can expect a number of other stag and hen groups to be present, having the same kind of fun as you!


Stag dos are the most anticipated event of any wedding. You create some of the best memories of your life on a stag party and why won’t it be. It embarks the beginning of a whole new phase of life for your best friend. Prague offers everything you need to make this celebration perfect!

Not to mention, since the city is extremely pocket-friendly, there will be no budget issues for anyone involved in the celebration. Not to forget, the city offers a number of once-in-a-lifetime kind of experiences, perfect for an amazing single life send-off. Prague is truly a great stag playground that offers a chance for the groom to let loose before being part of a lifelong relationship.