5 Date Night Outfits That Do Not Involve A Dress

Woman Wearing Casual Outfit

Date nights are special, whether it is your first date or not. You want your night to be special, and want to look appealing for the occasion. Just, because it is a date, does not mean; you need to wear a dress. There are a lot of outfit ideas for a date night that can make you look classy, and stylish.

If you have a date coming up, and want to wear anything but a dress, you have to come to the right place. We will present below five date night outfit ideas that you will fall in love with.

Long Skirts with a Top

If you do not want to wear a dress on a date, you can wear the second best outfit; a skirt with a stylish top. Long skirts will always make you look classy, if you can pair them with the right shirt and accessories. Wear a dark-colored v neck top that looks formal and chic. Wear block heels or kitty heels to add a formal touch, to your look. A clutch, with a shoulder strap, will look nice, with this outfit. Do not tie your hair, because it will look better than your hair, tied in a bun.

Long Brown Dress

Skinny Jeans with a Printed Shirt

If you do not want to appear high-end, and just want something that looks casual, wearing skinny jeans, with a leather jacket seems right.

Casual Leopard Blouse

A very popular look involves very slim skinnies, an eye-catching top, and a leather biker jacket. A printed or embroidered shirt will look casual, with skinny jeans. Check out www.GetBold.com, for more details.

For shoes, you need to go for some heels. If you want it to be flashy, you can wear strappy stilettos. If you are going to play it safe, go for ankle shoes, or knee-length boots, with block heels. A jacket will look trendy. On the other hand, the jeans and boots will add the comfort you need, while creating a slim silhouette.

Wide Leg Trousers and a Top:

If you are going to watch movies, you will need to dress for a traditional date that you can make you enjoy. Your dress needs to be classy and trendy. This outing will not require the same type of dressing, a dinner at a 5-star restaurant requires, but you still need to work on your style game.

Red Blouse And Black Pants

Of course, you want to look gorgeous, but do not sacrifice your comfort. Pick an outfit, you can sit in, for the next 2 hours, and can also cozy up in, with your endearing beauty. This unique combination calls for a stylish outfit; that is a blend of dressed up and casual clothes.

My favorite outfit is wearing pants, with a cute top. It will make a far better choice than a fussy dress, or skirt. Wear a pair of wide leg pants, with a crop top. Wide-leg designs in loose fabrics make you look chic. Block heels will be appropriate under the palazzo pants. If it is a bit chilly outside, wear a longline waistcoat.

Mini Skirt or Shorts with a Top:

If you are going on a picnic, or to a beach, there is no need to fuss over any formal outfits. A dress is not in the picture, at this point, and you need to wear something that screams ‘fun’.

Cute Casual Outfit

Summer is an excellent opportunity to go to a beach, and showcase your summer fashion. Such dates may not be the easiest to dress for, but once you figure out, what works best for you, you will hit the jackpot. It is a fun opportunity to mix your casual style.

The best materials for summers are soft and flowy. Unstructured designs are great for a beach outing. Instead of going for some other stuff, choose a shirt of chiffon, or cotton fabric. You will want to stay cool in the sun, while appearing relaxed. For contemporary vibes, pick a bright colored top, with a pair of shorts. If you want to play with your feminine aesthetics, wear a mini skirt, with a top. A straw hat, sunglasses, and sandals will finish the look.

Denim All the Way:

Whether, your partner is taking you bowling, or you people are getting a coffee, a casual date outfit is your answer. It can be complicated to wear a dress that is both easy-going, and effortlessly chic. The only option that comes to the mind is denim. Whether, it is denim jeans paired, with a denim shirt, or a denim jacket, you have to consider this option.

Denim Jacket

Whatever shirt, you choose to pair, with your denim jeans, you need to carry it with style. Try pairing casual denim, with a slightly dressier piece, because then, it will look relaxed, and polished. For that, we recommend wearing jeans, and a blazer, as it is the ultimate combination. If you do not want to wear jeans, wear a mini skirt, with a denim jacket.

Whatever you wear, you need to keep the colors bright, and fun. The fabric of your clothes should be comfortable as well as airy. When you are dressing up in a casual way, you should always go for a pair of short heels, or simply stick to flats. Your accessories should also be relaxed, such as a watch, some little studs and sunglasses.

Just make sure to dress up according to the season, time, your age and figure and you’ll be good to. Next time, when you will be getting ready for a date, keep these outfit ideas in mind. We are sure that you will have a wonderful time!

About the Author:

Liam Bold is a fashion student based in France. He spends a significant amount of time working for trends on the internet and loves all the high street brands. He regularly shares his ideas about how to get better in style and to put together outfits. You can check out his ideas at https://www.getbold.com/.