7 Secret Tips Experts Use to Stage Homes

Pink And White Roses

Not familiar with Home Staging?  For many sellers, this isn’t a term they are familiar with. But many experts believe that staging is a great technique to sell a home in a tight market. Simply put, its arranging the home in a way that will appeal to buyers and their respective agents.

Rather than entering an empty home, wouldn’t it be beneficial to strategically place furniture and other items in a way that gives off a positive aura? There are professional companies that will do this for a fee. But our agents have put their heads together and come up with some techniques that everyone can use.

Many of you may not be a believer in “home staging”, but there are plenty of statistics that show a positive correlation between this technique and selling price. So without further ado, here are some strategies you can put in place today.

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Arrange Items in Your Home Neatly

Clutter is defined as items that exist in a disorderly fashion. When a potential buyer tours the home, they will be turned off by kitchens in disarray, unmade beds, toys lying about in the kids rooms, bathrooms that have towels on the floors, and trash bins that are full.

It’s time to arrange all of your items neatly. Start with the most important rooms. This includes the kitchen, bathrooms, and living room areas. Peppers shakers, toasters, dishes and silverware should be put in their proper spaces. Even go so far as to empty the trash. Buyers can be nosey. They may even go through your cupboards and drawers.

Arrange pillows on your living room furniture neatly. Don’t forget about closets. Just don’t place items in them randomly. Don’t forget about the refrigerator. Throw out old leftovers and even wipe down the inside and outside of the refrigerators. You don’t want a buyer to open your refrigerator and smelling spoiled milk, or last night’s meat sitting on an open dish.

First Impressions Still Mean Everything

If you have ever pulled up to someone’s house to visit, you probably noticed the front yard and the condition of the exterior.

Maybe the exterior of your home needs a new coat of paint. What is the condition of your landscaping? Fresh flowers can certainly add the pizzazz you’re looking for. You want to WOW the buyers when the pull up to your front yard. Dead plants and trees need to be removed. Have the lawn men cut your grass accordingly.

Consider painting the interior walls if they have faded over time.

Bathroom With Tub

Spruce up the Bathrooms

Bathrooms like the kitchens will be scrutinized. Check the caulking. It probably could use a fresh coat. This is cheap. You can do it yourself. A new shower curtain can liven up the bathroom. Glass shower doors and walls should be free of spots and mold. They should be spotless.

Place Furniture in their Respective Rooms

Kitchens are for dining, living rooms are for lounging, reading, and watching television. Some experts will take it to another level and make sure the appropriate furniture is arranged in each room accordingly. This means a table and chairs in the kitchen, and sofas and couches in the living room. You can find out more detail about this online.

Alter the Appearance of the Windows Accordingly

So you remembered to paint the exterior and interiors, and re-caulked problem areas. But don’t forget to give your window treatments a facelift as well. Old blinds and curtains can really depress a potential buyer. Ditch the outdated treatments, and go with something new. Experts will tell you to avoid curtains and panels that have patterns. Go with something that is one solid color and is light. You can actually grab some affordable white curtains from Pottery Barns or even Amazon.

Go with Real Plants

Sure you have probably toured a brand new custom home and noticed that the home builders used fake plants to stage the residence. Always go with the real version when you can. Plants are actually surprisingly cheap. If you go to your local Trader Joes, you can pick up a set of flowers and tulips. Plus they smell great, and no doubt will go much farther in providing the type of environment your trying to offer.

Don’t Ignore the Garage

So you remembered the bedrooms, bathrooms, and kitchens. Don’t make the mistake of ignoring the garage. Your goal is to assist the potential buyers make a connection with the home, and this includes this part of the house. Here are some quick tips.

  • Remove all of the clutter. You probably have been meaning to get around to this for a while anyways.
  • Have you ever seen one of your neighbors with a pegboard fastened against a wall? This is the perfect opportunity to hang anything that you don’t want lying on the floor.
  • It’s ok to have items like a lawnmower on the ground. Just make sure everything that is, is organized.

According to Rentkidz, staging homes and even rentals can assist sellers not only sell their homes faster, but also gain a higher selling price.