A 5-Step Checklist for Moving Across the Country

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Everybody knows that moving is a hassle. That is especially true when it comes to leaving everything you know to go off to the other side of the country. Moving across the country requires hard work and planning. If you’re about to embark on a journey like that, make sure to consider these five steps before heading off to your new abode.

1. Use a Labeling and Color-Coding System

When it comes to packing, you have to face it with a strategic plan. After all, you don’t want to just throw everything into the back of a truck and have it all be disheveled. Labeling and color-coding will also come in handy if you’ve hired movers. They may even help place the boxes in the rooms you need.

Keep in mind the layout of your new house and pack accordingly. Label every box with its new destination, like “kitchen” or “boys’ room”. To help make matters easier, use colored duct tape so that each box can be recognized as you go to empty out the moving truck. For example, you could use purple tape for boxes that belong in bedrooms and green tape for items that belong in common areas like the kitchen or living room. This can help eliminate added stress for when you start searching for an item that you need.

2. Hire Long Distance Movers

It’s a tough ordeal to manage moving all on your own. While it’s an added cost, if you’ve planned ahead it’s well worth it. There’s so much involved! Here are several of the things that you’ll have to consider doing:

a. Packing and unpacking

b. Storing Items

c. Transporting Your Belongings

The amount of stress that you feel will only pile up if you attempt to tackle all of this yourself. That’s why using long distance movers such as Suddath is in your best interest. They come with the right equipment that will help eliminate any damages of large furniture during the move. Don’t take on unnecessary stress when someone else can step in and take care of everything for you.

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3. Host a Moving Day Party

Because you’ll be moving across the country, you might want to allow your friends and family the opportunity to say goodbye. Throwing a moving day party will allow for that and it would be a great way to let those who helped out with the move that you appreciate them. It’s also a great way to acknowledge your accomplishments and celebrate all the hard work you’ve just done.

You will want to keep the party simple. It shouldn’t require too much setup or cleanup. For drinks, you can provide cans of soda or water bottles. As for food, think finger foods—like chips, pizza, and hot dogs—that aren’t too messy.

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4. Hire Professional Cleaners

After everything is gone from your house, you’ll most likely have to start cleaning. Among all of the other stressful tasks that you’ll have to tackle, that is not something you should be bothered with. If you have friends who are willing to pitch in and help, let them! Otherwise, reach out to professionals who can clean your windows, clean the carpets, scrub down the walls, or do whatever else needs to be done. Hiring someone or having friends come over to help can increase the likelihood that you will get your safety deposit back if you were renting.

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5. Fly, Don’t Drive (Especially if You Have Kids!)

If you have young children, then driving across the country with them in tow might not sound like the most ideal thing to you. With all of the bathroom and rest/play breaks that will be needed, it might be too time consuming. The cost of driving adds up, especially if you are eating out.  Because of that, consider flying to cut down your moving trip from a few days to a few hours. If you can get to your destination faster, it will only aid in the moving process.

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6. Unpacking by Room

It is essentially to have a game plain when it comes to unpacking. Each room will have its own immediate needs. So, for example it’s wise to have a box named “bedding”. This is ideal when you move into a new home and can immediately make each bed in every room. Not only will this give the look and feel of a cozy room instantly, it will allow you a place to sleep after a very long day of unpacking. We recommend this being the first step. There’s nothing worse than not having a place to lay your head after a full day of unpacking.

It’s also recommended not to set up your television or cable (brutal, I know). However, studies have shown that eliminating distractions will lead to higher levels of productivity. It is also wise to unpack the kitchen last. Unpacking the kitchen without a doubt will be the hardest room in the house to unpack. You’ll have to figure out what cabinet/drawer will be the most efficient to house your utensil and plates (this always changes). By waiting to unpack the kitchen you won’t have the temptation to cook or use plates that eventually will lead to more cleaning. In the beginning, it’s wise to eat out and use paper plates just to eliminate any extra mess. Pizza, is a great dinner choice when you’re moving and you will have minimal clean-up!

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By following the above steps, you’ll minimize the amount of stress that comes with the moving process. Best of luck in your new home!