How Digital Marketing Is Influencing User Choice & Customer Acquisition

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The Internet is probably the greatest revolution of the 21t century. With the world’s fast-changing pace, the market also revolves accordingly. Hence the startup companies, MNCs, and other organizations need to realign their marketing strategy to keep their businesses alive.

Our society developed its civilization thru curiosity and progress. There are some defining moments which quicken our historical timeline and mankind indeed has projected the world’s growth and pushed its limits beyond the ordinary. Each invention and discovery have certainly an important contribution to society but nothing compares to the global domination of the Internet. Its interconnected web exceeded its importance and now takes control of our daily lives, our views, and even our beliefs.

Some may not know that the internet was born to be primarily used for communication. The electronic mail (e-mail) had instantly beat telephones and fax machines when it comes to efficiency, time consumption, and cost-effectiveness. Soon enough people discovered that vast capabilities and potentials of this technology in business, marketing, advertising, and other ventures. The demands mandated the supply and our world has changed drastically since then.

Billboards are out, Facebook Walls are in! The days of spending a large amount of cash on crafting the perfect ad and product pitch are long gone. One’s sales value can be increased easily with the use of digital and social media marketing. The playing ground is no longer conquered by the corporate giants as the SMEs can also play the same game as the big corps in terms of product promotion and sales. The only thing that matters is the product/service quality and efficiency. Nowadays, the customer choice is greatly influenced by artistic and ingenious advertisements promoted towards a specific audience. This approach is better and more successful than the traditional advertisements.

Let us then take a closer look at the essentials and basic facts of digital marketing.

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1. Analytics and the Market: Figures Do not Lie

Mathematics is said to be the purest language and it will never lie to you if you just speak it properly. The key to comprehending and conceptualizing business practices is actually analytics. IN order for companies to decide their target audience pool and marketing strategies to employ, they need to understand what customers browse, either by ordering or viewing, site clicks, and customer density. They also need to consider the timing, geographical location, price range, and other factors that may affect the customers’ behavior. These data points are essential in directing acquisitions and assist companies to comprehend the best time or site to put their digital efforts on.

The dynamics of the market is continually evolving. With the smartphone industry booming, mainly in emerging countries such as India, the customer base has amplified and expanded ten times. Online or cashless payments is unparalleled right after India’s Demonetization and digital initiatives. Experiment analytics and market trends of big companies and even startups have found their niche in the Indian market. Its population and economic difference were used for analysis and market trends experiments.

A coupons and deals company based outside of India called GrabOn has recently designed a real-time infographic which shows key data points and statistics in fun and bite-sized presentation. The study aimed to have an in-depth understanding of the market and determine the smartphones industry growth in India. The results are real-time from online shopping to digital payments. Based on the infographic, India had 17million searches in google, 38million WhatsApp photo shares, and about 200,000 Paytm transactions in just a span of one hour. Simultaneously, there were also almost 10,000 Amazon orders, about 63,000 Ola bookings, and 6,000 Swiggy food orders. It surely provided a lot of information about the mentality in the Indian Market.

2. Social Media – The Ultimate Equalizer

Social media has indeed played a vital factor in digital marketing. People only notice and buy a product when it is being talked about on different social media platforms. Different companies realized this and took charge. Facebook has not only become a social interaction go-to but also a marketing ploy niche. Organizations can now connect to their customers through the various social media applications. They use such as mediums to interact as well as a catalog to showcase their products/services. They also know how to take advantage of viral trends and creative content in order to attract consumers to purchase more and communicate with their target audience.

Social media has undeniably forever changed the game in building and improving a base of loyal subscribers. And digital marketing has become the ‘new way to play’ the game. You just need to pay for Facebook or Instagram advertisements and you will then be able to reach out for a wider audience.

3. Big Data Helps Comprehend the Audience Better

Any companies, big or small, starting or experienced, will agree that the key to selling products better is knowing and understanding the customer. How do they achieve it? By having the Big Data! Analyzing the customer needs and behavior is done by studying the data. Marketing strategies are then determined based on the results of the studies. The constant connection of the people to the digital world are recorded and analyzed to maximize the companies’ understanding of their customer base. But this tool did not stop there as it can also be used to effectively influence the users’ choices.

4. SEO: Improved Rankings, Additional Traffic, and Increase in Sales

Search engines like Google are the go-to sites for customers who want to make their own research. They trust these sites to come up with well-informed decisions about the products that they want to purchase. That’s why SEO Analytics has immediately become the most market-effective tool in determining search optimization. But what is more important than keyword stuffing and link spamming is to understand what the users are searching and provide information back based on what they searched. Companies now depend on closely observed data of user searches and modifications.

SEO will still be very useful in the years to come and will always be dynamic, as the consumer base is also dynamic. As digital marketing advances, so does our comprehension of better SEO tools and tactics.

As the cliché goes, change is the only constant. And technology made it possible for businesses to leap their marketing approach and use trends and information to their own advantage. Digital marketing will definitely continue on evolving and innovating and if you want to stay in the game, you should know how to play the game where marketing is way more optimized, sophisticated, and calculative.

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