How to Avoid Awkward Moments at Wedding

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Well, the wedding is an occasion that everyone enjoys. Be it your wedding, your friends or acquaintance, wedding demands time and energy. Wedding implies interactions and meetings with known and strange people. There are high possibilities that one may face awkward situation during wedding moments. Obviously, awkward situations bring total embarrassment, especially if the wedding is yours. Imagine walking down the aisle and having something truly embarrassing happen. Let us see how to manage those situations and ensure that you make the best use of your time.

The wrong song spoils the dance

Dancing at the wedding is something exciting. Everyone including the bride-groom might have taken a lot of effort to prepare for the wedding dance. What if a wrong song plays at the wedding. Nobody likes if a wrong song played while dancing. It invites unnecessary embarrassment. To avoid such an awkward moment, make sure that the crew members have the correct song playlist. It is a good step to check the playlist and the order of selected songs.


A wedding is all about starting a new life with the one you think is perfect. New life, new thoughts. You have decided to marry your partner because you think that he/she is the one. As you have already come to such a conclusion, let the “Ex” be “Ex”. Don’t ever invite your ex to your marriage. Moreover, make sure your friend or family is not going to mention about your ex in the maid of honor speech. Focus on what is now and make sure not to bring your past.

For starters, it is always a good idea to defer to not having your ex’s being involved on your wedding day. They shouldn’t take offense to something like this for not being invited. It just happens and is better for everyone. There is too much risk involved.

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Calling by the wrong name

Calling a person by the wrong name on most occasion is an irritating thing. You may come across people who call you by the wrong name or spells it in an awkward way. If it happens during your wedding, then you feel like a sinister. The source of this problem is you fail to provide a proper wedding timeline. Make sure that you have provided a proper wedding timeline to your DJ, officiant etc. It is a good idea to check yours and your partner’s name spelled correctly. Always good to provide a hard copy and soft copy of your wedding timeline.

Car Broke Down On The Wedding Day When flower girl is upset

Children are really hard to understand. We can’t predict what they think and how they behave. They always love to attract the attention of others. But sometimes they are super stressed too. We have seen in many weddings that the flower girls put a show. If your flower girl throws a tantrum while walking down the aisle, you have a solution. Look for those smart and brightly smiling kids at the wedding to replace them. Let your family member anticipate this in advance to dodge the situation well.

Most times a flower girl or ring bearer can bring some laughter and joy to the setting. However, that can always turn the other direction. A good way to avoid a let-down is to allow kids at the wedding ceremony but not during the actual reception and dancing. Kids can get tired and grumpy quick!

The wedding speech

The wedding speech is another important part of the wedding and has a high chance of embarrassing moments. You can always spot a bunch of people who are eagerly waiting to speak. For instance, cousins or relatives who are waiting to embarrass the hell out of us in one form or other. They may create an awkward time either by prolonging boring speech or by highlighting those horrible memories of yours. To manage this event well, assign 3 to 4 minutes to every speaker. Besides, you can seek your DJs help. This will ensure that the guest speaks something meaningful within the allotted short period of time.

Wardrobe Malfunction

This is the most common thing happens in every marriage. The bride might have started to plan her dream wedding dress months ago, but may not have done the trial. It is really really important to do a trial at least 3 times before the main day. The dress may seem perfect when you wear it once, but if you do it again you may feel differently. Do enough trials to avoid the awkwardness of wardrobe malfunctioning. Like some of these 12 big wedding scandals that have happened before. These are terrifying.

Sitting with Strangers

This is a common scene. You cannot simply avoid it physically or by your gesture. Say hello and smile. It is always good to have a small talk rather than keeping yourself silent. Design your wedding to allow for strangers that have something in common together. Have them sit together and get to know each other. You don’t want to pair strangers that could potentially be enemies or get into an argument during the wedding.

Everyone Dancing Except You

Yes, many faces this situation in real life. To manage, just join the party. Do a little bit of dancing, don’t worry, everyone is busy in their own dancing world. Just be with the company and join the celebration.

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