Must-Know Tips and Tricks for Applying Foundation

Makeup Foundation

If there is one thing that can spoil your entire makeup look, it’s the application of the wrong foundation. There is nothing that can strip your confidence like going to the bathroom mirror and seeing an unnatural look. A friend may even mention how awful your makeup looks, and the comment can spoil your entire day.

Poor foundation is responsible for such mishaps, but the good news is you can choose the right one. When building a house, the right foundation makes it firm, and so is a proper foundation for your makeup.

Keep reading to find out how to do it.

Choose the Right Foundation

Finding the right foundation to suit your face can be challenging, but when you do, rest assured that your worries about foundation will come to an end. Follow the tips below on how to find the perfect foundation for you.

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Know Your Skin Type

There are five main skin types: oily, combination, normal, sensitive, and dry. It is paramount for you to know your skin type as choosing the foundation for the wrong skin type can frustrate you.

For oily skin, use a foundation that’s oil-free and either a liquid or powder. It will leave your skin smooth with a matte finish as it absorbs the oil. A mineral foundation will also work fine as it has dry particles that prevent shine and absorbs moisture.

Combination skin means some parts of your face are oily and others are dry. If this is your skin type, it can be extremely confusing as to what is the best foundation for combination skin. What you should look for then is one that locks in moisture, hydrates, and absorbs oils on oily parts of your face.

Dry skin requires a foundation that is creamy, moisturizing, and gives optimal coverage. Get a hydrating powder or liquid foundation. Normal skin type has fewer imperfections and looks bright as it is well-balanced. It’s not overly sensitive and goes well with most foundations.

Sensitive skin types require a foundation in which the ingredients do not irritate the skin and cause it to develop acne. Avoid ones with fragrance, alcohol, talc, and mineral oil. For this skin type, you need to be extra careful by ensuring the brushes are very clean, as any dirt can easily cause a breakout.

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The Type of Foundation

There are different forms of foundations, such as powder, tinted, stick, mineral, and liquid. Your skin type is the one that will determine which will work best for you.

Well, looking at the different skin types discussed above, you probably know what type of skin you have and the perfect foundation that goes with it. The type of foundation you choose will also depend on your taste.

If you normally go lighter and would like to do some touch-ups throughout the day, you should no doubt go for a liquid foundation. If you don’t mind some little touch-ups here and there and want something that will blend well with your natural look, you should look into some of the best powder foundations in the market. Just make sure you’re comfortable with your choice.

Choose the Right Shade for Your Skin Tone and Undertone

The jawline or neck are the perfect areas to test for the right shade. Your hands are not a good place to test foundations as they are not the same tone as the face. The right one will blend with your skin tone. The wrong one will leave the skin looking ashy with a whitish cast or make the skin darker. When in doubt, choose a shade slightly darker as the lighter one can give you a chalky and artificial look.

You can choose two shades, one slightly lighter and one darker. They will be perfect for summer and winter as your skin tone may vary through the seasons. Also, the skin on the inner part of your face is usually lighter, and darker on the perimeters.

For the undertone, you either have a cool, warm, or neutral tone. Deep bluish or purple veins mean your skin tone is cool, and warm if they are greenish. Most foundations come with labeled tones. Therefore, knowing your tone makes it easier to choose.

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Get the Perfect Finish

A finish is what a foundation formula leaves on the skin after its application. There are matte, semi-matte, and dewy finishes, which are all perfect. The finish you want depends on your preferences and your skin type.

Consult a makeup professional if you doubt your judgment to get the right product.

Choose the Right Application Tools

For liquid, cream, and gel foundations, use sponges instead of brushes. A sponge makes the building of coverage easier and gives a natural finish. If you don’t have a sponge, don’t feel restricted. You can use specific makeup brushes or your fingers.

For minimal coverage, use the fingers and ensure they are clean before application. Brushes offer even and light coverage while sponges are for more coverage.

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Prep your Face

In the application process, this is an essential step as it will determine if your final look will be flawless or ghastly. Cleanse the face while gently massaging it, apply moisturizer and any other skincare product you use, then wait for 15 minutes to allow the products to sink in before applying the foundation.

Exfoliating your skin to keep your skin smooth at least twice a week will help your makeup stay on longer. Applying a primer before the foundation is also essential as it creates an extra layer between your skin and the makeup. It evens out the skin tone, smooths the surface, and allows for makeup to last longer.

Apply the Foundation

After all the above steps have been completed, now is when you can apply your foundation. Use a damp sponge or dab the foundation on your face with your finger. Without dragging, tap the foundation with the sponge, blending the foundation towards the hairline and jawline.

Set the Foundation

Setting the foundation allows it to last on the face throughout the day. Applying powder sets the foundation perfectly. Use one that is translucent, as a tinted one can change the color of your foundation.

Note that if you have any acne, foundation doesn’t hide this, but concealer will. You can spritz or spray the face to get rid of excess powder, get a fresh look, and lock in the makeup.

Foundation has the power to give you a radiant look or the opposite; so, choose a foundation wisely. With the right one, your makeup will be an easy routine that you will love to carry out every day. Take care of your skin by eating lots of fruits, vegetables, and drinking plenty of water to make it look gorgeous and flawless with makeup on.