Outdoor Stairway Designs: Staircase Ideas for Small Houses

Sitting On Stairway

Building an outdoor stairway for your small house is not only about making it more attractive. You might be wondering why small houses need stairways. There’s hardly an issue of going from one place to another when you have a small house. This is even truer for outdoor settings.

So, why the staircase?

You might have a small house, but if you’re situated where there are inclinations, slopes, and hills, then building a stairway is really useful. Staircases will connect your home’s architecture with the rest of your landscape’s design.

Of course, even though the main purpose is the staircase’s function, you still need to make it pleasing to the eyes. Here are some ideas to help you design the staircase for your small house:

The Floating Effect

“Floating” stairs also bring more appeal to your home. They appear effortless and don’t need too much modification to make a statement. They also go well with your garden and the landscape of your entire home. To achieve this design, the steps should be lowkey that extends their supporting part a bit. This will keep the anchor hidden and will give the stairs the floating effect.

You can add decorations on your stairs to add more effect, like stones to hide the concrete floor and make the scene more natural.

The Lighting Stairs

Installing lights to your outdoor stairway will surely make your home stand out. Aside from making the entire exterior of your home attractive, it’s also an effective way to make your stairs safer to use. This is especially true during the evening. You don’t need to follow a specific or organized pattern with your light fittings. You can be creative with them and play with the areas where you’ll install them.

A lot of people use LED lighting to light up their homes. Aside from being a more affordable option, LED lighting also showcases attractive lights that don’t hurt the eyes.

The Wooden Staircase

If you want a more natural feel for your outdoors, the wooden staircase is a great choice. They are also effortless and with just minimal decorations, they will already give your home life. The great thing about wooden steps is they are highly durable. They also work well with a variety of themes. You can also incorporate your wooden staircase with other materials, like stainless steel casting, glass panels, and even a rope.

Wooden Staircase

The Glass Stairway

Having a glass stairway is one way of making your home look stunning. There are a lot of reasons why glass stairways are perfect for a home, be it big or small.

First, glass stairways will fit several themes, particularly the modern and minimalist themes.

Second, they are ideal for small houses because they make the house appear more spacious.

Third, they may not look the part, but glass staircases are durable. You don’t have to worry about it getting infested like other natural materials. Simply by keeping them in place using stainless steel glass spigots, you can never go wrong with glass stairways!

Glass Stairway

The Stone Steps

If you’re thinking about going Mediterannean, then the stone steps are your best bet. They also provide a dramatic effect to your home while remaining effortless. Stones are known to last a really long time. They’re considered as one of the best materials for staircases.

Stone staircases are also your best choice if you’re more into the durability than the appearance. If you want to make it more appealing, you can simply add simple decors like plant pots, flower pots, ornaments, vases, etc.

The Concrete Stairway

If you want to incorporate your landscape to your staircase well, you should think about concrete. They are also highly durable and will go well with your garden and other exterior designs. You can either go formal or informal with concrete stairways.

However, no matter what design you go for, you can be assured that they will look imperfectly flawless. Concrete stairways have neutral colors, which are pleasing to the eyes. They may also appear rough, but they are still breathtaking. You just need to know how to blend your exterior designs with them.

Concrete Stairway