Tips for Winter Weddings

Tips for Winter Weddings

Winter is a wonderful time to get married and because it is a slower season, you may be able to get better prices on catering, photography and other wedding services. Outdoor weddings are beautiful, but can be risky because of weather concerns.  Ensuring that you have thoroughly planned out your wedding and preparing for any outcome (especially the ones that are beyond your control!) will cause less stress on your big day. Having a back-up plan for severe weather is especially important.

If you are having a winter wedding outside, having a sheltered area for guests is important. A wedding tent or other type of similar covering can provide the protection from the elements necessary for a comfortable ceremony. Including portable heaters would also mean a lot to your guests. These heaters and tents are reasonably priced and can go a long way to make your guests comfortable.  Even the milder climates can cause discomfort outside, so when choosing a venue, it may be a good idea to choose a venue where they have indoor options as well.

What about your guests?

Your guests may need to drive in inclement weather and having discounted hotels or other accommodations for spending the night is a great idea, if you can negotiate a good deal! Your guests will feel more secure about making the trip out to see you on your day, especially when you’re going out of your way to prevent any potential accidents if the weather does not permit a safe return trip.

Suggesting that guests arrive the day before the wedding is also a good idea, so no one will miss out on the fun you’ve been preparing for them! Think about having small gift baskets or bags waiting for your out of town guests makes them feel important. The baskets can contain things like hot chocolate, tea, crackers or cookies and brochures about nearby attractions.

This will welcome your guests and let them know that you are happy that they made the effort to come to your celebration. You may also want to put a schedule of all events in this basket. A list of restaurants with menus would also be beneficial for those spending the night, if the hotel doesn’t already provide them.

Winter wedding insurance

Speaking of awful weather, definitely consider wedding insurance!! A lot of venues already require this coverage, but it is definitely worth it when things happen beyond your control even when they may not.

Decorating for outdoor weddings can also be less expensive than the other popular seasons. Birch branches could be set up along the isle with tiny white lights. Think about using seasonal berries, leaves or other natural plants. You can coordinate the entire wedding party’s bouquets with this type of natural materials for a inexpensive and interesting look to a outside wedding. Small favors for your guests can follow this same theme. Seedling for spring, bird seed feeders from pine cones or cookies shaped like leaves can all make great take home thank you gifts.

If you are serving food at your reception, make sure you have plenty of hot dishes and drinks. Soups, and hearty dishes can make your guests feel warm inside and out. A coffee bar with ingredients for specialty coffee drinks can substitute for a traditional bar and may also save you money.

Planning ahead for any possible unexpected weather event can ensure that your winter outdoor wedding flows smoothly. Your guests will appreciate the care that you took to make them comfortable and enjoy the unusual yet charming outdoor venue. Make plans early and then enjoy the most special day of your life stress free