Top 5 Places in Mexico To Celebrate Your Bachelor Party

Party With Sparklers

You’re about to get locked down. Whipped by your lady, never to be seen again. The doghouse is your new home. The crew is going to miss you dearly. But you refuse to go out without a fight. How can you throw a good time for all your bros to really show them how much you’ll miss them? Not just any good time, but the good time to end all good times?

That’s right. Mexico.

It’s one of the world’s most popular tourist destinations and for good reason. In the frigid and unbearable months of December, January and February, Mexico is enjoying nothing but gorgeous, sunny days. And no matter what you’re looking for, Mexico has it: vibrant city life, ancient sights, untouched beaches, jungle excursions, mountain climbing—you name it.

You’re here for one thing and that’s to find out exactly where in Mexico it should all go down. Check out these five amazing cities.

There Is No Try; There Is Only Cancún

A tropical spot with an infamous reputation, Cancún is an excellent default. Located right on the tip of the Yucatán Peninsula, the beach is never far off, and neither are the parties. Time has no meaning where the good times are always rolling, especially if you’ve booked an all-inclusive package and money is the last thing on your mind. The all-day pool shindigs are sure to hold you over, but in case you want to go into town, bustling nightclubs are also in abundance.

Besides the party atmosphere and bikinis everywhere, there is so much to love about Cancún. The walking tours are a visual feast of brilliant colors, especially if you make it to one of the markets. Ruins are very close at hand, as well. Tried and true, Cancún won’t let you down.

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Cabo San Lucas: After Enough Drinks You Will Believe You Are a Skywalker

There’s nothing like the pleasant dry warmth of a Cabo San Lucas spring. Skip the mugginess of other towns and feel that crisp breeze. The beaches are various and sundry, with quiet and secluded spots equally as accessible as populated ones. Bring the crew here and see who can get closest to a hammerhead shark (hint: it must be the groom). Word to the wise: hotels rent out beach equipment expensively, so be prepared and bring your own.

However you spend your day, though, get ready for the night. You won’t find a city that parties harder than Cabo San Lucas. Shake the dust from your sandals and get out the hair gel, because an intense night of partying is up ahead. Beach bars are located mere blocks away from huge nightclub venues, and because your average cab in Cabo San Lucas is still dirt cheap, you won’t have to worry for a second about your way home.

I Left My Dignity in Vallarta

This is where it all happens. Everything you could want. A bay area with jungle and mountains nearby, non-stop nightlife and arguably the most affordable spot on this list. During the day, you can ride ATVs and ziplines up in the mountains or snorkel in the bay. Once the day starts winding down, walk through the gorgeous historic district and maybe even take a taco tour. Stop in for the occasional beer that will run you less than $1.50 on average (that’s a half-liter of draught beer).

Before you know it, the sun will have set and the neon lights will have all turned on. The clubs are already starting to fill up. This is what you came for. You might not remember buying ten rounds of shots for the guys the next morning, but your wallet will be glad that it happened here. Don’t want to plan anything yourself? PV Nightlife has got you covered. Try to save some energy for another day. You won’t want to miss swimming with the turtles.


Mexico City: The Kingdom of the Crystal Margarita

You don’t want to go to your marital prison without a visit to the stunning Mexico City. Built atop the ancient ruins of the Aztec Empire’s Tenochtitlán (you’ll figure it out), this capital city is the best place to land if you’re looking to see some pyramids. It is, no joke, like stepping into a movie. The Aztec Empire was huge and incredibly advanced; seeing their architecture up close is sure to blow your mind.

While Mexico City is not a dedicated party spot like some of our other contestants, it is still a huge city, and that means plenty of nightlife. Weekends are loosely defined, rooftops are filled with people and the drinks never stop flowing. Go for a tequila tasting, then go bar or club-hopping. There is no shortage of places for you stumble into (and then stumble out of!).

Playa del Carmen: For Players Only

A bit smaller than nearby Cancún, Playa del Carmen has a charm all its own. Come here for extensive sailing, diving and snorkeling options; not only will you see tons of marine life, but swimming through the cave systems is a real trip. You might want to get out of that skinsuit for a day to check out the nearby pyramids as well. This city is an absolute scenic wonder.


But what good is all that, you ask, if there’s no nightlife? Well, you don’t have to fret. The nightlife in Playa del Carmen slams. It’s got multi-floored discos, casual nightclubs and high-end dance clubs that are lenient on dress codes for tourists only. The only way to believe how hard this place parties is to see it for yourself.

This is your time to shine, and nowhere will you shine brighter than the sun-beat streets and beaches of Mexico. Before you marry, ascend. Become what you were really meant to be: drunk with the friends who will never let you down. Choosing a place in Mexico to celebrate your bachelor party Puerto Vallarta won’t just guarantee an explosion of sights, sounds and flavors like you’ve never seen before, it will guarantee a night that you and the guys will never forget.

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