What To Do If You Just Never Feel Good Enough [or…] Never Feel Good Enough? Read This

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I’ve been watching my animal companions. I have 4 dogs, and they’re all unique with their own personalities. Yet, they get along and accept one another — exactly as they are — fairly well. Sure, one may be a bit more of a bully, while another may be naturally more submissive… but somehow they all manage to just live and be in harmony.

We humans often put a mask on for society and our social circles. We try to fit in so that we don’t get hurt. When we do this, an emptiness inside of us gets bigger and deeper, almost like a hole. And this hole… ? It sucks! Even as a Spiritual Healer I don’t like when I feel this way, and I know you don’t either.

With this hole inside, we can be easily manipulated to become a consumer. The endless messaging around us in our everyday life tells us, “Buy this, buy that, buy more, and you will become happy.”

So we do as we’re told. We do our best to earn all the money we need to spend on all the things we’re told would make us happy… and still, the hole inside doesn’t fully go away.

My Facebook Community for energy healing using the Spiritual Response Therapy (SRT) technique helps to clear the reasons people are made to believe they are “not enough” as a result of this harmful societal messaging. Instead, we support each other in our journey of spiritual growth, self-worth and self-love. The community is learning that only by changing ourselves from the inside out (mind and spirit) do we gain the power to change the life we’ve built around us!

And you know what? It’s happening! It’s big time happening for my community members (and as their Spiritual Advisor I simply couldn’t be more proud of their progress)!

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How A Personal Love Me Day Changes Your Life

It wasn’t too long after bringing our tight-knit community together for energy clearing that I implemented the concept of a Love Me Day with our members — a day which you schedule in your calendar that’s dedicated to yourself and you alone to do the activities that you personally enjoy.

In all my years as a spiritual consultant (specializing in SRT, as well as Spiritual Restructuring and Life Between Lives hypnotherapy), I have found that this Love Me Day concept is initially a challenge for most people! But why?

We might indulge in ourselves… but we don’t actually feel good about it. We deprive ourselves of that pure, simply joy out of shame and guilt that we don’t deserve this self-care time.

So why don’t we feel good enough, worthy enough, to invest time into ourselves? Because after all, if we have enough positive, loving energy for ourselves, that will overflow naturally into the lives of everyone else around us, right?

Just as when a pebble causes ripples in the water, self-love is a healthy giving and receiving energy that positively impacts everyone around you. Self-love is a win-win solution!

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Self-Love: Where Did We Lose It Along The Way?

I don’t believe we are born with a sense of unworthiness. So at what point in our lives did we start to feel like we were “not good enough”?

As a child, we are taught to fit into our different roles — in our family, at school, within our culture and gender — and we learn to try on each of these societal masks. Sometimes they fit… but other times, they do not, and the pressure to wear them anyway can be intense.

This is what happened to me before I became a Spiritual Advisor. To be seen as “perfect” I wore many masks, but inside I thought, Nobody sees the real me! Nobody really likes me, or loves me, or tells me that I am good enough just as I really am.

But you know what? Everybody was running in their own mental “hamster wheel” not just me! We lost the genuine connection with one another because we lost ourselves, who we each truly are at our core.

Years and years of this psychological conditioning builds the false, limiting belief over time:


5 Valuable Lifelong Skills That Cultivate Self-Love

Through my Facebook Community energy healing and clearing sessions, we work through these self-destructive, limiting blocks. With Spiritual Guidance, I clear negative energies from your subconscious and past life memories.

But as for the secret sauce to cultivating self-love? In my experience as a spiritual consultant for people in Canada, Singapore and across the globe, the answer is much simpler than you might like to hear…

To stop. To breathe. To just be. To gently invest time, energy and love into yourself, day after day, week after week.

It’s truly exciting for me to see how much this transformation is beginning to take place for the members of my online community. They are learning valuable lifelong skills such as:

  • Strengthening your intuition to make wiser, more confident life choices
  • Meditation to recharge your battery so you bring your best self to the world around you
  • Breathing practices to improve focus and being absolutely present in the moment
  • Breaking negative thought patterns and replacing with positive ones
  • Visualization to feel the positive emotion of your Future Self aligned with your Life Purpose

When combined, all these skills help cultivate a strong sense of self-love and worth. I mean, just think about it! Picture yourself having all the skills listed above — the happiest, most confident version of you. You can bet that future version of you wakes up every day subconsciously thinking, “Yes, I am enough!”

If you don’t believe it right now, I will say it for you: You are enough. You are so worthy. And yes, you are loveable — exactly as you are.

If you need help in this personal journey toward a confident, strong sense of self-love that powers all the decisions you make in life moving forward, a Spiritual Advisor can help you identify the energy blocks from your past that are no longer serving you using a mix of techniques from Spiritual Response Therapy, Spiritual Restructuring, and Life Between Lives hypnotherapy.

And when that energy clutter is finally cleared out of your way? Well, you’ll be unstoppable — able to make room in your life for abundance in your relationships, your finances, your health and your life goals!

As your Spiritual Advisor, my goal is to help you become the best version of you and, most of all… enjoy being YOU!

Author Bio & Profile Photo:

Judit Ronai is an Intuitive Spiritual Advisor with over 10 years of experience giving intuitive insights from your soul’s level for pragmatic life changes. She helps you discover why you are here, and most of all… enjoy being you!

Judit’s expertise lies in Spiritual Response Therapy (SRT), Spiritual Restructuring (SpR), Life Between Lives Hypnotherapy (LBL), Reiki and situational meditation techniques. To book a Spiritual Advisor session or join her online community, connect with her at juditronai.com and on YouTube!