What To Pack For Disney 101

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Whether you’ve been planning your Disney trip for the past year or decided to go at the last minute, ensuring you pack everything you need is an absolute must. From the right outfits to portable phone chargers to the perfect pair of mouse ears, you will want to make sure you’re getting everything you need. You don’t want to find yourself in the park without the necessities, so don’t let anything fall between the cracks! Take a look at our foolproof list of what to pack for your next magical vacation.


Mouse Ears

No trip to a Disney park is complete with a pair of mouse ears! Get a simple pair of black ears, or go the extra mile and find ears that match your or your child’s favorite character. Either come to the park prepared with a special set of ears or set aside a certain amount of money to buy a pair when you are in the park. The plus side to purchasing them ahead of time is that you are good to go as soon as you walk into the park, and you can ensure that you get the pair you want for your magical day!

Outfits & Princess Dresses

Carefully consider the forecasted weather during your trip and plan your outfits accordingly, including good walking shoes and any kind of cold-weather layering or rain ponchos you might need. If you have little ones coming on your trip that love dressing up as their favorite characters, sit down with them and help them choose an outfit or two to wear in the park. There are even some princess dresses for girls that were made to be comfortable and durable, perfect for spending the day at Disney! The more comfortable she is, the longer she will last in the park, so these dresses would be perfect for a long day of play.

Girl Wearing A Princess Dress

Backpack or Diaper Bag

Having a spacious and sturdy backpack or diaper bag is an absolute must for a day in a Disney park. Make sure you have one that is as comfortable as possible when weighed down with water bottles and jackets. You’ll want to look for a bag that has plenty of pockets and compartments so that you can stay as organized as possible, as well as keep track of all of your smaller necessities. You might also consider some smaller organizational bags to keep like items together and organized- there is nothing worse than emptying your whole bag to find that one small-but desperately needed- item at the bottom!

Kid Carrying A Backpack


Speaking of having a backpack or diaper bag handy, consider what all you will need to fill that bag with to be prepared in the park. Stock it up with sunscreen, Band-Aids, hand sanitizer, Chap Stick, waterproof cell phone bags for those water rides, water bottles and plenty of snacks for the little ones. If anyone in your group has any medications or specific medical needs, be sure to bring everything you’ll need to take care of them, as well. While many of these things can be purchased in the park, they will be significantly more costly. Come prepared with these smaller essentials and save yourself the expense.

Make sure you come prepared with everything you’ll need electronically, as well. Pack your camera (and make sure it has plenty of space for all of your pictures!), portable phone chargers, and get a reliable phone case just in case you drop it. Think you’ll need some headphones? Do you have a little one who will want their iPad to watch their shows in line? Make your list and pack all of the essentials.

Disney Castle



If you’ve made it out to a Disney park before, you know that pin trading is a pretty big deal, and you might even have a few pins of your own. A lot of people choose to focus on one character or show or ride, or event pins dedicated to a certain era. However you prefer to collect your pins, you’ll want to remember to pack your lanyard and make sure there’s plenty of space for new pins you buy or trade! Ask a cast member how you can find the best pins, as well as all of the details on trading around the park. This can add a fun, unique element to your trip that you can’t find anywhere else.

Autograph Book

Especially if you have little ones in your group, you’ll want to make sure to include their autograph books. As you travel to the park, get them excited by asking them which characters they want to visit and get photos and autographs with. Encourage them to choose their very favorites to meet. Buy one once you get to the park, or take some time beforehand to make one yourself! You could even have your little one help you decorate it with special paper and stickers of their favorite characters that they hope to meet.

Start Checking Off Your Disney Packing List!

So as you make your packing list for your upcoming visit to a Disney Park, make sure you don’t let any of these necessities go overlooked. Consider your needs and the needs of those accompanying you, and make sure you’re packing everything you’ll need. Make a list of everything so nothing falls between the cracks and enjoy your next magical vacation!