Whole Body Vibration Machine: Pros and Cons

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People have different understandings of what working out truly entails. For a lot, it means intense hard work to get the dream bodies they’ve always wanted. They understand it to be going to the gym every single day, or at least when they have the time to do so, and lifting heavy weights, running miles on the treadmill, and several other strenuous activities. For some few, however, working out is or can be the complete opposite. These people have fitness regimes that are not as intense, are quite simple, yet will still procure the same results. For them, working out is as easy as 1-2-3.

These individuals understand working out as a necessity to stay fit and healthy, but would rather stay away from hurting themselves. Among the many workouts one can do for such, whole-body vibration stands out as the easiest, most relaxing, and simplest exercise. Although it still has its fair share of pros and cons, some are as follows.


Relaxing Exercise

Perhaps the best thing about whole-body vibration is that it’s completely relaxing. One only has to go on the machine, turn it on, and let it do its magic. The vibrations are what helps the individual shed off the extra pounds, strengthen their muscles, and so much more. You don’t even need to do anything else, as simply standing or sitting on the machine will already lead to your desired results. Because of its sheer simplicity, it’s also one of the easiest exercises to do for one’s fitness regime, making it perfect for those recovering from serious injuries, those with physical disabilities, and the elderly.

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Least Strenuous Exercise

Part of the reason many people disliking exercising is that it’s too strenuous. In their minds, one shouldn’t have to suffer to stay fit and healthy and to reach their goal weights. This is precisely why whole-body vibration has become popular among them. It’s one, if not the least strenuous exercise one can do without having to lift a finger. Well, you still have to lift it in order to turn the machine on, but in essence, there’s no need to tire yourself out when doing this sort of training.

Can Be Done with Other Exercises

Despite its reputation as a relaxing and least strenuous exercise, some fitness junkies also like doing whole-body vibration training because of its soothing properties. But these are also the ones who have more active lifestyles, and for them, simply standing or sitting on the machine is not enough. On their part, they pair other exercises while using the vibration machine. Some do squats, lunges, reverse pushups, and all sorts of other exercises while on the machine. This, in turn, will double their chances into getting a fitter body while staying relaxed and tension-free. And because of this, the popularity of this therapy has skyrocketed in recent years.

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Slow Effects

If you’re one to use whole-body vibration to lose weight, you’ll need to be patient. Simply standing or sitting on the vibrating machine will aid in weight loss, but the effects won’t be as instant as jogging a mile, doing aerobics, and other more physical types of working out. And if you don’t pair the exercise with the right balanced diet, the process is sure to be that much slower and the effects will be less obvious. Even if you pair it with other exercises, you still won’t procure your desired results as quick as when you do other exercises.

Requires Consistency

Any workout requires consistency, but none more so than whole-body vibration training. Just one session every other day or week isn’t enough. If you have the time, you’re going to need to do it every single day to produce your wanted results.

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Might Promote Laziness

If your exercises don’t require much movement, and actually encourages you to simply sit or stand on a vibrating machine, chances are you might get lazy. The therapy’s soothing properties wouldn’t help either. Although whole-body vibration is effective in losing weight and strengthening your muscles, it might also promote laziness if you’re still physically able to do other activities and workouts. The encouragement of sitting or standing on the machine is mostly for those that aren’t all that physically-able, such as injured individuals, people with disabilities, and the elderly. If you’re not any of those, you have to, at the very least, pair your whole-body vibration with other exercises so that you won’t grow to be lazy.

If you’re still looking for that right exercise to do, try whole-body vibration. It’s relaxing, easy, yet still effective and quite fun. This might be the best exercise for you, and you’ll only find out if you do it yourself.